Work life balance? I can’t find it!

Ok, people keep mentioning work life balance. How is it achievable in these days of tech, wifi and the inbuilt feeling that we need to be on-call all the time?

I commute everyday on the train and usually I am in a world of my own. Today, I have actually realised it is a ‘train office’ a mobile office that transports you to the actual office! There is no escape from it.

I was sat next to a woman who couldn’t complete a single sentence without applying some type of corporate phrasing or business acronym into it. ‘Yes let’s get together and brain storm, try thinking outside the box and may be reach out to…..’ You get the drift.

The man sat opposite was tutting whilst typing on his laptop taking up all of the table so ‘corporate speak woman’ couldn’t put her Costa Latte down.

So if I can’t escape work on the train, at home or in my head where can I go to get the peace and balance I should have.

I remember that when I started work, all of those many moons ago there were those that worked and those that coasted or blagged their way through! Maybe that’s the way forward but I am to scared to do that because I will trip up and people will find out so I think I am clearly open about what I know, what I do and what I really have no understanding of. I do strive to be good at my job I don’t ever think I am the best but as long as my clients/customers/associates whatever you want to call them are happy then what else could I really ask for, ok, other than being paid a fortune to work only mornings or a couple of days a week.

So how do you start to manage a life/work balance? Answers on a postcard please!