My Top Ten Favorite Films

My Top Ten Favorite Films

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Gene Wilder
  2. Steel Magnolias - Olypmia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine
  3. Stand by Me - River Phoenix
  4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - Chevy Chase
  5. Practical Magic - Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing
  6. The Lost Boys - Jason Patric, Corey Haim
  7. The Italian Job - Micheal Caine
  8. Breakfast at Tiffanys - Audrey Hepburn
  9. Meet Me In St Louis - Judy Garland
  10. Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks

These are mine in no particular order but they are always easily to hand for those 4am mornings when I can’t sleep or Sunday afternoons.

What are yours?

Shirkers and Workers – Just for fun….. or is it?

Shirkers and Workers

This has been sat in my waiting to post queue for a while so today I will bite the bullet and post it.

In every work environment there are the ‘workers’ and ‘shirkers’.  It seems that these days the shirkers out way the workers.

Shirker Alert!

Och Eye :

Tendencies of the Och Eye:

  •  Make appointments in the middle of the day and apparently that means cannot come to office before or after meeting.
  • Pretend not to have lunch but disappear from desk for long periods of time
  • Takes three or four attempts to dial a number ( number dyslexic always a possibility given the Och the benefit of doubt )
  • Always expressing how busy they are and how much there is to do though never actually does any of it
  • Any excuse for a work at home day or  a lunch out on expenses


Tendencies of the Ditherer:

  • Can’t make a decision
  • Can’t retain any information shared with it
  • Very pleasant and everyone has a soft spot (or sympathy spot) but people skills are severely lacking
  • Cringe worthy telephone manner.  I sit as my desk and over hear some of the conversations and just am sometimes left astounded at the conversations I hear.

Worker Alert:

The Baker:

Tendencies of the Baker

  • Generally all round pleasant person
  • very very rarely looses temper
  • always goes out of way to help everyone else even if busy
  • sharer and feeder – great cakes and savouries

The Moaner:

Tendencies of the Moaner

  • Has lots to say about everything
  • Hard working and always strives to do the best for the customer and actually usually delivers the best service for their clients

I m sure that there are these people in all organisations.  I challenge you to spot yours?


Silent Sunday – 5am 27th July 2014 – Demolition of 3 Cooling Towers at Didcot Power Station

 This is the start of the demolition of Didcot Power Station which has dominated our skyline for the last 4 decades.





These towers have been in my town for the whole of my life so far and they were destroyed in 12 seconds

(months of preparations I am sure).

Some people are glad they are gone but that’s another chunk of our heritage that has been removed.

New job – I have joined the commuting masses!

New job – I have joined the commuting masses!

This week I have started my new job, still in Insurance (I can hear you all yawning so I’ll such up about business interruption, marine cargo and throughput policies).

Anyway it’s a bit of a learning curve for me . Why?

1. The commute

Do I take coats, umbrellas, trainers?  Where do I start with this commuting lark when I am the self confessed lazy bitch who believes her car is a teleporting device.

Day 1, checked weather and looking warm and sunny all day so no coat or jacket. So off I trotted in ballet pumps with heels in my handbag dropping legs off at breakfast club on my way to the station. Arrived at station at 8.21! Not impressed as just missed the train I was planning on catching. Nevertheless, next train was 8.29 and a direct, non stop option and I didn’t really need to be in until 9.30 so stacks of time.

Caught train and decided to walk to office to check how long the walk took some people said ten minutes others said twenty five, who was right? Who to believe?

Walk took me twenty five minutes though I did have to guess my route through parks and archways I have never seen before. Note to self Bus takes 5 minutes!

Then at 4.30 ish the heavens opened, thunder and lightening and not even an umbrella or a poncho in my handbag! – FAIL.  Luckily lovely Carly loaned me her umbrella so I could catch the bus to the station.

Which train?

Up until last week I would rarely catch a train, let alone a bus so which train should I catch?  The stopper, will be quieter but will take longer or the non-stop to Reading?  I opted for the non stop – 13 minutes from Didcot to Reading, not bad really compared to driving.  Seems odd that in that time I have time to reflect on things that I am normally to busy to even give time to.  Should I read a magazine or book or just take the time to contemplate and relax (as much as you can on a train filled by people you don’t know).


How much coffee would I end up consuming if I grabbed a coffee everyday on the way to the train?  Far too much I am sure, if I didn’t keel over from the extra caffeine intake, I must consider the calories!

I have therefore decided on this as a treat option maybe Fridays when so far the trains seem to be quieter and my chances of having a seat are much higher.

Season tickets?

These seem to be the way forward but, there is always a but!  It is so annoying having to take my card out of its special plastic wallet to put through the barriers and then put it away again.  Surely, they could have a  swipe card (like Oystercard’s in London).

Stand or sit?

As my journey by train is only 13 – 15 minutes sometimes it is much less hassle just to stand, rather than pace up and down looking for that one seat.  I would rather not bother.  If I can’t see a seat and get to it instantly I will be standing in the corridor.   See you there!


Well these are there own little mysteries, so many exits, platforms and masses of people.  I have to travel into Reading station which has undergone a massive regeneration project.  Now it is more like an airport it is massive!  Huge escalators, extra platforms I swear it takes me ten minutes to walk from one end of the station to the other.

Then there is the race up the escalators and down another set to the platform to catch the train that is currently at the station.  I have figured out that I can catch the 17.21  (15 mins) from platform 8 or the 17.27 (13 mins) from platform 9 and be home in my house by 18:00 hours

Should I just to drive?

Such a dilema!  I know that I can get to Reading in 20 minutes but getting through Reading is the bit that puts be off.  Especially as I have to get to Cemetery Junction.  I have decided that during the school holidays I will try the drive in but in the meantime I will stick with the train.  My only issues with the train is that if there are delays i could be stuck, an example of this was on my second day the trains in and out of Paddington were being cancelled.  The rumours were that it was a fatality or a  ‘jumper’ on the tracks.  Do they not realise how selfish this is!