Winding down – Where is the Off button?

I feel so fidgety! I can’t switch off I feel like my mind is doing somersaults, backflips and trapeze tumbles. All I want to do is switch off!

Come on brain what is going on? Share with me!

Tonight got home from work, ate dinner, read with kids and as soon as I got in the bath that was it…… No no serene calming thoughts of butterflies skipping across meadows of wild flowers NO! Contemplating how best to tell people the differences between insurance policies, how I need to sort out other bits.

Now laying in bed I should have made a list of all the things that are flitting around in my head then tomorrow I could set a plan to deal with them!

I would love to leave work and completely switch off but I can’t seem to do that. I’m sure I will wake at two or three in the morning with other thoughts gnawing at my brain.

So I challenge myself to find ways of switching off. Maybe I should try yoga, meditation or colouring in.

How do you switch off?

Full Time Working Mum Job Specification

Full Time Working Mum Job Specification

Today I have been thinking about my CV or Curriculum Vitae as we used to have to call them when I was at school .  Yes, I left school in the 1990’s.  Such a long time ago!  So, I wonder what my actual full time working mum CV should look like if I did pull together everything that I really do in a day.

So thought I should put together my Job Spec just for fun and work out my CV from here.

Lets have a think,  what do I do?

  • Laundry Assistant – Ironing, taking up trousers, sewing on buttons
  • Chef -Breakfast and lunch boxes – healthy options: dad would just put in crisps and chocolate bars.  He doesn’t realise he packs, I unpack and repack with healthier options.
  • PA – making sure books and homework are in the bags along with any letters, raffle tickets, birthday cards for friends, reading book, violins, PE kit etc.
  • Personal hygienist – showers, teeth, deodorant, hair washing and brushing
  •  Chauffeur – to deliver children from home to appropriate schools.

Now that’s before my normal day job. As a Commercial Account Handler for an Insurance Broker.  So then I come home to be:

  • School Teacher – homework, I don’t really need to do more work after my day at work to be fair and I am not the most patient especially when trying to explain homework I don’t really understand – algebra and ratios
  • Prison Governor apparently!  Sometimes its like living in a prison according to my eldest when it comes to rules and bed times
  • Cleaner – though not too often as my husband is better at this than me – OCD issues I think
  • Time Keeper
  • Referee
  • Judge and Jury
  • Interpreter – I need to do that thingy? You know thingy they said can you ring them?

I am sure there is more.  Oh yeah, nearly forgot beck and call girl (pretty woman).

Whoops nearly forgot my most important one newbie blogger.

No wonder I struggle occasionally remembering everything!

  Today I forgot it was non-school uniform day so send my poor Leo in in school uniform.  It wasn’t even a day to raise money they had to bring in items for the school Christmas event.  I felt awful, poor little bugger.  I was relieved to see at least two other children in his class in their uniforms as well.  Leo wasn’t that bothered either to be fair but I just didn’t have time to go back home, change him and go to work. Thank goodness.

Maybe I need more than a chalk board and a calendar in the kitchen.  Might have to start adding everything into the calendar on my phone!

Note to self:  Find more ways to be organised.