December 2013 Upcycling Projects – sideboard

Upcycling Projects  – Total spend about £60

Since moving into our new home in May 2013 I have been hunting for a sideboard.  I could have easily popped to the pine or oak shop and spent a fortune on one but didn’t want ‘samey’, do you know the same as everyone else.  So I started my hunt.  I looked on Freecycle, Gumtree, Ebay and constantly trawled the charity shops.  I would find something I liked but it was either to big or too small to fit the alcove beside the fireplace.


Then one day just before Christmas I trekked into my local Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary shop and found this little gem.  My husband was,  now let me just think of how to phrase this nicely ……. not best impressed when this was delivered to our house in (I believe) a horse box according to my son.

For me this served two purposes:

1.  Selfishly, it fitted everything I had been looking for

2.  I gave the Animal Sanctuary much needed money as I know that they are struggling to find funding that they need.

This is how it arrived and actually I did quite like it like this but the other half didn’t.  So up cycling began.




The sideboard was transported to the garage for its make over.  I was just going to give it a quick rub down, new knobs and paint it.  That was my plan.

Tim on the other hand is a bit more pedantic than me. He sanded it back to the bare wood, by this time he had taken over and I walked away.  Once he had completely sanded down the sideboard and then repainted it in Cuprinol garden paint that we had left in the garage,  he let me choose the knobs.

Eventually I decided on the crystal knobs from Screwfix but I know that these can easily be replaced if and when I fancy a change.

Voila the finished article! Which already is being piled with stuff!