Wildwood Kitchen is my absolute favourite place to eat in Didcot and I will tell you why….

I love having this little bit of the Mediterranean right on my doorstep.

Wildwood Kitchen

For me the atmosphere and menu are much more inspiring.  Its great for lunch with the girls, Saturday treat with the children or date night with the hubby.

I love that the meals are served on wooden boards with little wells to fill with balsamic vinegar.   They serve an amazing mozzarella and caramelised onion garlic bread (oops just dribbled onto my keyboard). Rip it up, share and devour.

I am vegetarian and usually opt for the homemade tart with roasted vegetables and a side salad or the mushroom risotto. Yum Yum, little glass of wine or a beer and I am in heaven.

Though, I am told that the calzone that is served at Wildwood  is the best one that friends have eaten in the UK and they actually compared it to calzones served in Italy whilst on holiday.  Surely, you can’t get any more authentic tasting than that.

Then once you have eaten your main course there is always dessert.  What is your preference warm waffle,  brownie or tiramisu?

I love Wildwood so much that much I have persuaded my team have their Christmas dinner there.  I think that the Christmas menu is fabulously different. No roasts but instead mouth watering festive burgers, brie and cranberry pizza, leg of lamb or pasta bake.

The service has always been great,  Neema and the team are welcoming and friendly and they have recently received a Customer Service Award.

Have a look at their website not only do they have a restaurant in Didcot, they have three others.  Shaftebury Avenue, London, Stratford upon Avon and Barnes.

Main Menu

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Pets – fur,feather or scales?

I wish my kids could have the pets that they really want!

They are desperate for a dog but I am allergic to mostly everything.  Yes, really!  So that means the only  pets we can have are fish or reptiles and then only reptiles that are veggie as I couldn’t have dead chicks or mice in the house.

We do have a fish tank which currently is home to an Angel fish and two clown loaches.  We can’t have anything else as the Angel fish just hunts them and kills them.  We could get rid of it but I think her temperament fits well in our household.

Leo had  some money for his birthday and really, really, really wants a hamster. We had the conversation about responsibility and looking after animals and Leo at the tiny age of 8 decided that he is responsible.  I have managed to persuade him to have a small fish tank which he can have in his room rather than a snake or gecko.

At the pet shop we chose a starter kit with a 14 litre capacity discussed which type of fish we should get once the tank was set up and ready. This took the best part of a hour!

Now this evening we have the tank ready and will be counting down the sleeps until the fish can be purchased.

5 Sleeps and counting…….


All I want for christmas is an open fire or a log burner

I am in the process of setting the seed in my husbands brain to get the chimney swept and replace the old gas fire with either a log burner (dual fuel preferably) or an open fire.

You know what its like, you sew the seed, they think its a rubbish idea, the work gets done, everyone loves it, then its their idea!  Voila

I think that secretly I am an arsonist at heart.   I love open fires, camp fires, candles, barbeques and fire pits.  Though not particularly keen on bonfires especially when my washing is on the line!

My thinking is that as gas and electricity prices are rising and I hate being cold and that this is a better way of heating the house.  A friend of mine has a log burner and every time it is on she has to open the doors and windows because her house gets too hot.  That will do me.  I would much rather be too hot than cold.

Already I have taken out the old gas fire with the help of a friend whilst my husband was at work.  I cleaned up the opening and left the IPad on a few pages which sold log burners.

I thought I was doing well until he came home with another gas fire that his friend at work had given him.  Its not that its not a nice fire, it is.  Its just not what I want and what I want I usually get at some point (it may take a while).

Apparently he has a telephone number of a chimney sweep but not booked an appointment yet.  I’ll give him until the end of the week and then I will book one!

Unless someone wants to install one in my home and use it as advertising or a promotional home. 🙂

I can see my vision now

Christmas tree




Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

A34 the road to nowhere?


This afternoon we decided to pop to Bicester village and garden centre, or at least that was our plan anyway.

The A34 northbound was totally jammed all the way from Didcot, past Abingdon, past Botley and all the way towards Bicester.  We were beaten by the traffic and ended up at Millets Garden Centre instead.

I think that highways and road planners really need to seriously  think about the road systems in our area.  They are building more houses but it seems that they are not planning any more major roads.

I believe, there should definitely be another main route south from the M40.  Fridays are notorious for being a bad day to attempt the road but all it takes is one broken down vehicle and it comes to a halt!

Maybe the A34 should become a motorway rather than a dual carriage way?  Just a thought!

My sympathies are with those who have to commute and use this road on a daily basis.

What to do? cut the traffic or increase the capacity of the existing roads?

Who Knows?  Ideas on a postcard please.