If I were an MP …..

If I Were an MP I would……

After watching the news and hearing about the 11% payrises for MP’s I have decided that I may ditch my job as an Insurance Broker and become an MP.

I was wondering what the criteria may be for becoming and MP….. so I googled and I found this:

Am I Eligible?

1.  You must be at least 18 years old and a British citizen, or a citizen of  Commonwealth country with indefinite leave to stay in the UK – Check

2.  You can’t be an MP if you’re a civil servant, an undischarged bankrupt, a member of the clergy, police or armed forces, a prisoner serving more than a year in jail, or if you’ve been found guilty of certain electoral offences. – Haven’t done any of these yet so a Check for that one too

So it seems I am eligible.

Well I know that I can talk crap as well as the next person give me a few vodka’s and there will be no stopping me.

I think one of my first policies might be controversial but who doesn’t love a bit of controversy to get ahead.

Are you sat down?   This might just be the get out you have always been looking for.

 Marriages should now come with renewal dates….

Why not everything else expires and has to be renewed why not a marriage.  Just think of all those people who are not really happy but just can’t face the solicitors, arguments, discussions of who has what.   Instead we can have a renewal date.

After 10 years you get a letter through the post offering you the chance to opt out or renew. Easy hey, renew sign it and send it back and another certificate comes through the post just like your motor insurance.

 I know, I know what your thinking…. and no it really isn’t that easy I know that  but think of all the options if it was and I can hear the church in uproar already.

You would probably enjoy 10 years knowing that at the end you can walk away split everything 50/50 after sorting the kids if there are any.  Or when you are laying in bed listening to him/her farting and snoring you can relax knowing that you only have a limited time left to listen to it.

Maybe this could actually boost the rate of marriages that do stay together. Till death do you part is such a long time but if you could break it down into 10 year periods it could be more manageable.

Of course this is a pie in the sky idea which has jumped out of my over imaginative brain but just think about it!