Stain Removal – Vanish Gold Powergel – This stuff is magical

I am not a big reviewer of washing products as none really impress me and I think they are all much of a muchness. I am sure people will disagree but I can’t be bothered to get excited about it. If my clothes are clean and smell nice that’s a bonus for me.

But this magical Stain Remover nearly has me lost for words.

We were at the seaside for the weekend and they boys had ice creams, Leo being Leo had to be different and opted for a bright blue lolly – Mr Bubble or something it was called. Anyway needless to say he had dribbled it down him arm, across the back if his hoodie even in his hood. How he managed to get this lolly everywhere I do not know. Last time he had one of these blue evil lollies he ruined his T-shirt.

This time his hoodie was practically new so on the way back to the holiday home I stopped in Asda and picked up some stain remover not expecting it to work at all.

I followed the instructions and left for a few minutes to let the product work into the fabric and put in the washing machine with some normal washing powder on a normal 40 degree wash, crossed my fingers and waited.

The machine finished and I opened the door expecting the stains still to be there but by the magical power of Vanish Gold Powergel all the stains had gone.

I am so impressed I am on the hint for other stains now too see if they can remove older stains. I am annoyed I didn’t take pictures before to show you just how blue this lolly stain was.

Give it a go it’s definitely worth the £4 I paid!

The Big Bang Fair 2014


The Big Bang Fair 2014

This year I am trying to make sure that we have some really great weekends with the boys this year and get out and have found out  about The Big Bang Fair of Science and Engineering.

I have just registered for our places for the The Big Bang Fair 2014 the NEC in March.

The Big Bang is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK. Everything  is aimed at showing young people (primarily aged 7-19) just how many exciting and rewarding opportunities there are out there for them with the right experience and qualifications.

My boys both love Mythbusters and more often that not I catch them trying to recreate an experiment or two.  This week was the coke and mentos experiment, replacing the coke with tonic water, bitter lemon or lemonade.

I know that they are going to love the KABOOM exhibition, which even comes with its own warning.

WARNING: This show features a *very* loud jet engine, towering showers of sparks, gunpowder cannons, coloured flame balls, high explosive detonations, and the chance of some singed eyebrows! Yes, KABOOM! isn’t for the faint hearted!

Click here for the list of activities and exhibits. There are so many to choose from.

What a bargain tickets are free but you need to register your interest.  So all you need is your travel expenses, for me that’s petrol and parking.

This is going to be a fabulous surprise day out I am so excited……. 30 days and counting.

Check out the list of Sponsors.

Where is my Christmas spirit? Christmas shopping for the kids

Really struggling this year to get inspired for Christmas shopping for the kids this year.

Both boys at difficult ages and behaviours.

Note to parents with young children don’t be tempted to buy the children games/toys for older than they are because at some point you it will come back to bite you and will struggle.

The 8 year old is just a technohead!  Never happy unless he is plugged in to his Samsung Pad and if he was allowed he would be in his element to be permanently attached 247.

The 11 year old has just grown up to fast.

Sat on the sofa scanning shops and websites for inspiration and I can’t find any!  Maybe I should have a few glassed of the mulled variety to start with.

Ho ho ho

Letters to Father Christmas via snail mail, email or Prayer?

This weekend we watched our favourite Christmas film. ELF.  After the film we had a little chat about writing our letters to Father Christmas as I need to sort my shopping.

Leo, my eight year old decided to inform me that he didn’t need to write a letter, or send and email as he knows that he can speak to Father Christmas in the same way that he can talk to God. After a bit of probing I have discovered that he has given his list to Father Christmas via the medium of prayer!

I think he has got confused somewhere along the line.

I asked if he could tell me what he had asked for so that I can write it down in case the elves can’t read Father Christmas writing when it comes to packing the sleigh.  To this he answered in an exasperated tone  ‘Mum, Father Christmas will not get it wrong, he never has done before and he knows exactly what I would like’.  At this point I was breaking into a sweat I know that there will be something really random that he has asked for and I won’t know about until 9pm Christmas eve and then it will be too late.

What is a mum to do?  I have tried his tactic of praying for inspiration but this has not happened yet!  The pressure is on!  Maybe I will make a collage of  things I think he wants and send it from and Elf to make sure it is right!

Loving these Christmas List links :


Check if you are on the Present List

Personalised Video from Father Christmas – I am an evil mum and sent my son a naughty List and had him in tears

Traumatised Mother the things we do – Retro Hair revival

Today my husband said he needed a hair cut.  Does he go to the barbers?  NO.  Hairdresser? NO.  He always has his dad cut his hair.

Anyway we drove over to his mum and dad’s I had a cup of tea and talked interior design (wallpaper and flooring) with my mother in law whilst Tim had his ‘usual’ hair cut.

Once, he had finished he suggested that my eldest have his hair trimmed and he is now supporting a nice 1980’s hair cut similar to mine in this picture. He thinks he looks cool but he hasn’t seen this picture of ME and realised it is the same style.

special haircuts 1980's

And then there  is Leo, the youngest.  Well actually words fail me and this can only be shared as am image!

dumb and dumberThere is no excuse I let this happen. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Poor kids!

Swimming Lessons – When is enough, enough?

For weeks now each Sunday afternoon has been like world war three in our house and all over swimming lessons. Is it really worth all the hassle?

I strongly believe that the boys should learn how to swim as I firmly believe that swimming is a life skill, just the same as reading and writing.  Both boys can get around a pool, do hand stands, retrieve weights from the bottom of the pool but have had enough with the lessons.  Joe says ‘ Its just a waste of my time and your money mum, you know I can swim’ and Leo’s comments are ‘Its always too cold and I just hate it’.  It is not the fault of the swimming club that the heaters keep breaking at the pool which is maintained by Nexus.

The swimming club is run voluntarily by qualified instructors and is only £30 term per child,  such a bargain it seems wrong not to send them.

But I have decided that as both of them are confident in the water and they can get from one end to the other then there is no point in pressing it further and too be honest I could think of better things to do on a Sunday evening than take them to their lessons.  I think I have been beaten. 🙁

However, if you are local I would recommend the Didcot Swimming Club and their website link is :