The Gadget Show and HIM indoors.

Gadget Show Live 2014

I love watching The Gadget Show and it was back on the gogglebox tonight.  Today I have made the fatal error of putting it on when ‘him indoors’ is in!  Flipping bad move.

Not sure if I have a secret crush on Jason Bradbury or just the amazing technology that they show.  Being a Gadget Show researcher would be my ideal job. I am not bothered about gaming that’s not my cup of tea but other technology such as cameras, phones, tablets, general everyday stuff and the really bizarre tech. I want it all she says sounding just like Verruca Salt.

Anyway, back on track.  I love to watch and tonight I have my own running commentary from Him.  Commenting on costs of cameras, muttering and mmmming and tutting and now they have just said a new version of PS Vita has been released so another reason to mumble randomly and wave arms at the telly.  It is making me more irritated by the minute, I might have to turn it off.

I want to go to the Gadget Show Live 2014 I missed out last year and I am sure I would spend a fortune. **remember to start saving!  You could get your tickets from their website.

2014 Gadget Show Website

Oh no, now I have to sit and listen to him cooing over the competition,  whilst the presenters reel of the prizes (and there are loads). ‘ I like that , oh yeah one of those would be good’  Goodness gracious, someone save me please.

 I have entered  the competition, like I do every time, but never win.  One day I WILL win, one day!

Thank goodness I have TIVO and have recorded it.  I might watch it again another day without the running commentary and critique issued by HIM.

Next I am going to watch The Walking Dead.  Lets see if he watches that 😉 she says with an evil glint in her eye knowing full well he will find something else to do.