Fabulous Santanyi

I love my girls and I love a weekend away.

This weekend was definitely needed!

I wrote a post a few years ago about the effort it takes to go on a weekend away but this one was so different.

Work was manic so, I literally shoved some stuff in a hand luggage case, got in the car and went.

I had no idea what I had packed, swimmers, knickers and toothbrush were my only priorities. Usually, would have been multiple outfits, shoes and handbags!

The journey to Birmingham was hell more accidents on A34 and leaving late. This meant we were running to the gate to board.

*Little note to self: next time leave at lunchtime!

Ryanair flight was also pretty crappy. The Crew were not happy bunnies as we boarded and their mood did not improve the whole flight. They did not even manage to serve the whole flight with a drink, I would have been happy with a bottle of water but nothing!

I didn’t expect much more to be honest!

We arrived and had a fabulous few days. No expectations, no demands, no deadlines.

Just a few fantastic days of relaxing, chatting, drinking, dancing, shopping, eating and generally being happy in your skin!

This was definitely the recharge and boost I needed.

Thank you to our hostess Tania for inviting and coping with us! Thank you to Chris for stocking up the alcoholic beverages ?.

We have turned from Shrek into the Fresh Prince with help from Weleda! 

The fourteen year old has finally stopped dodging soap!  It is all because of this little Weleda miracle.   

It might cost me a fortune, in comparison to the Aldi own brand shower gel that my husband has on the shopping list. I think I paid about £7 but at the moment I just don’t care.  We’ve gone from smelling Shrek like, all oniony to a citrus smelling beauty.

He says ‘it makes me feel bright awake and fresh’. That works for me! Lets hope he keeps up the good scrub and that darling eleven year old shortly follows in his footsteps!

I have noticed that’s it’s currently reduced to £5.00 in Holland & Barrett – Little note to self: best stock up!

*These are my own views. This is not a sponsored post*

Feeling frugal?

We are embracing the #FrugalFebruary ethic.

The aim is going to be to spend £100 or less for all dinners for the whole of February. There are four of us and I am vegetarian. I know some of you will have issues but it’s my choice to be a veggie and when or if the boys decide to be veggie they will get my total support. They all have been taught from a very young age where their dinner comes from and whilst they want to eat it and I know where it comes from I am happy to cook it for them.

Today’s meat came from my local Butcher Bobs, in Harwell and the vegetables all came from the local Saturday market.

Total spend today was £87.00.

The meat purchased from Bobs consisted of 26 chicken breasts, 2 x packs of mince, 4x packs of 4 pork steaks in varying flavours, a gammon joint which Bob cut in half so I now have two joints and a big bag of braising steak.

The menu for February, so far consists of the following dinners:

1x pork medallions – Lemon pepper

1x pork medallions – Sweet chilli

1x pork medallions – BBQ

1x pork medallions – Chinese

3x beef stew

2x bolognese

2x cottage pie

2x chicken tinga

2x sweet and sour chicken

2x chicken kebabs

1x garlic chicken

2x chicken curry

2x sweet potato and spinach curry

2x gammon joints for roasts

1x mince frozen for burgers

I’ve also prepared some slimming world chips, potato wedges and roasts that have all been bagged and frozen ready to chuck in the oven as required.

We also massive sack of  spuds all of which are jacket spud sizes,  some purple sprouting, spinach, carrots, parsnips, peppers – no courgettes as they are really expensive. Wishing I hadn’t ripped my plant out of the green house before Christmas!

The store cupboard items such as seasonings, salt, pepper, chilli, garlic, peas, sweetcorn, ginger, chinese five spices and curry powder also came in handy today.

Market items also included apples, satsumas, grapes, pears, plums and bananas.

….. and that’s the freezer full and me done for today.

Is it time?

As things are changing globally with Brexit and the Trump inauguration I am asking myself is it time to get back to blogging?

Is 2017 the year I crack it?

I have spent ages trying to get access since last post was …. a long long time ago in days of old. Now the world is all remote working and work life balancing acts.

So let’s see how it goes?


Bad days? What is yours?

I wonder what actually classes as a bad day. Is it the mood you are left in at the end of the day or the events that make up the day? 

I know there are extremes but to summarise my bad ….. it began …….

1. Got up late!  Now to me that’s bad enough it means less time to get Legs from his pit so not only will I be ratty so will the boy! Could this have been prevented – yes, probably I could have not switched off my alarm but snoozed or actually got up as it went off. The husband who was up could have woken me or at least the kids but no he was trying to prove some point! 

Luckily I managed to get kids moving and out and not miss my train! 

2. Broke a chair.  This in itself could be telling me something. I digress, the whole office was called to a presentation with lunch in the boardroom. I was trying to be good so had stopped at Subway for my salad to have instead of sandwiches, crisps and cake.  Breezed in found a chair a few rows from the back and sat.  As I sat there was an almighty crack and the seat had broken, my arse had properly gone though it and I  felt as though my legs were sticking out of the top. It was humiliating, so red faced and feeling like a three year old I moved the chair so no one else would sit on it and found another chair. Was this telling me I need to double my weight loss efforts!    

3.  Knickers!  For some reason today I had pulled out the  most uncomfortable knickers ever!   Seemed to be a permanent Wedgie and then the front kept rolling down under my belly fat. That’s enough to put anyone in a miserable mood I am sure!

4. Buses! Just tried to pay for bus with my printer access code card. Then perched with one arse cheek on a chair as the other person was taking up more than one seat! 

5.Total humiliation!  Wearing a dress today as it’s lovely and warm. I swear the one breeze of the day blew up my dress and flashed my wedged arse cheeks to the whole station. I would say a Marilyn Monroe moment but that would be a fib more like Miss Piggy.

So not as bad as some peoples days I am sure but it was one of my top bad days and nearly topped the day I was run over by a bike!

I had nearly forgotten how much I love ….

Horror Films 

You can keep Saw and Human Centipede type films they do nothing for me but a good horror involving ghosts, spirits and the ones that keep you feeling ‘watched’  after the film is finished or a ‘based on true events’ that’s my bag.   Whilst at work we were discussing ‘things that go bump in the night’ and other spooky going on and I realised that actually I hadn’t watch a horror for ages. The last thing I had watched was ‘The Enfield Haunting’ which was good. I came home and scoured Netflix for something I hadn’t seen and came across Mama. I thought this was worth a watch but they all have slightly disappointing endings or maybe my mind is far to macabre for my own good! 

Garden peas

Not frozen but fresh from the garden straight out of their pods. How I am wishing I had planted more this year!

Drinking with the girls

It’s been a while but after a weekend away I feel like I am mourning the loss of their company this week 

Driving my car 

These days I commute to work via the train and a bus so my poor little Mito is usually sat home alone. 

Though this week I have driven into work twice. I think it’s the sitting in traffic that annoys me.  However, when you get that stretch of open road that allows you to knock it down a gear and press on the accelerator, hear that roar of the engine that is just the best.  What can I say, maybe I should have been a rally driver but I do miss that just pootling around the town at weekends just doesn’t do it for me! 

Girls holidays the myths and the reality – all giggled out gaggle!

I wonder what goes on on a boys holiday! On our sleazyjet flight to Palma were a bunch of lads aged from 21 to 50 all giving it the usual banter about getting drunk and seeing how many people they can sleep with. Does this really happen or is it all just bravado?

Apparently this is also what blokes/men/boys think happens on a girls weekend. Obviously I go on the wrong type of girls weekends!

Our girls weekends are about the girls, we take the piss and generally just want to spend time together catching up, talking crap, laughing so much we nearly wee, eating as much as we possibly can (as we have probably been on a diet for at least three or four months before)  drinking and occasionally #stagehogging!. Aloma that ones for you #ProudMary.

   Yes, we do go out and yes we do drink until the sun comes up. We will chat to lads but to be fair it’s only always banter and a flirt. We all like a bit of attention and a bit of a giggle but  hand on heart it’s always just about being with the girls. Maybe we are the only ones but I think we take our lead from Patsy and Eddie.

At the end of the day we are Just a gaggle of girls having a giggle!

Crochet is flooding the shops so why not learn to crochet!

I have been looking for a little hobby for a while something that’s not messy or takes up too much room photography was one thought but equipment could be costly and crocheting was the other. Though I thought at least crocheting was something I can do anywhere and anytime!

I looked at going to classes but with working full time and two Tweens plus a husband on stupid shift rotas it makes it difficult to find a course. I therefore turned to YouTube. 

I am sure you can teach yourself anything from YouTube! 

Anyway, popped to my favourite  hobbycraft shop and purchased a hook or two and then found some cheap wool/yarn from b&m and set sail on my adventure. 

So with the help of YouTube sites I watched and copied and before long I could magic up items.  Fairly quickly. 

I then took the leap and purchased an actual pattern to make this little number

created with mostly  treble criochet  clusters     

I am sure crocheting is quicker than knitting, though I am going to find out my needles and see.  
Here are a few other items I have created in the past few weeks. 


Dubai 40th Birthday Adventure

My husband (bless him) has a hard life, really it’s true. I make him clean, hoover, do the washing, food shopping, blah blah and all that stuff.

But I think he still must love me, even though I am a complete bitch. I know, I am I try not to be but I can’t help it. May have been the way I was raised!

Anyway, June is always a busy month our wedding anniversary, my birthday and oh, my birthday. We have never been a family for doing much on our birthdays once we reached adulthood.

Last year my youngest brother was 21 and I hit the big ol’ 40.

My husband had arranged for both of us to go away.  The kids were looked after by my sisters (Thank you Emma and Kate).

I didn’t know where I was being taken.   I only knew that it involved a plane.  No hints as to the weather either so packing was an absolute nightmare.  My packing tactic ended up being underwear, maxi dresses and some flip flops anything else I would have to buy therefore costing Tim more but if he couldn’t tell me where we were going then he would suffer (evil streak rears its head again).

My cousin Kev drove us to the airport and we checked in at baggage drop off so still no clue as to where we were heading.  Could have been Ghana, New York, Dubai or Australia. The girl at the drop off desk giggled as she thought it was amusing that I didn’t know where we were off to.  Went through to departures and hung around for a bit then the New York and Dubai gates opened.  I still didn’t know!

I only found out as we had passed the New York gate and headed for the Dubai gate.  I was so excited I was heading out to see my friend. So so excited!

We had a brilliant flight watched a few films and had a few drinks and arrived in Dubai in the morning.  The doors to the aircraft opened and some heat, not much rushed in.  Collected bags and headed for a taxi.  As we walked out through the airport doors the heat hits you like a tonne of bricks.  I love that feeling it feels like my bones melt and instantly feel chilled out,  Tim on the other hand shrivels in the heat.

Arrived at Kerry’s and had a look around her new villa which is lovely and then headed to meet Mike for lunch.

What I didn’t know is that more scheming was in place and I was going to stay at the Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai which is gorgeous.

After lunch the the boys disappeared.  I thought Mike had taken Tim to a shop to talk bikes (I am so gullible) .  

Kerry then took me round to the hotel reception and we checked. It was so exciting.

We were then taken to the lounge for complimentary afternoon tea. Massive spread of dainty sandwiches, cakes and fruit. Obviously this was going to end up a seriously food and sunshine orientated visit. I was in heaven!

The room was beautiful and overlooked the Burj Al Arab!

I love Dubai it’s a lovely little bubble of heat, sun and opulence!