This year for lent I will be giving (or should I say I have given up)


I don’t normally give up anything for Lent. It’s not that I don’t believe in God but I am just too selfish and lazy.

Making the decision as to what to give up was difficult in itself. Do I give up something easy, something that will
not cause me real levels of stress or something that will probably be difficult and I keep thinking of cutting out anyway?

The list of potentials began cheese, wine, vodka, sweets, coke (fizzy stuff not powdered!) internet access, television, car, bread, sarcasm! All have potential!

Now to whittle them down:
Cheese: potentially on the shortlist I eat far too much but would have to replace it with something!
Wine: to be honest I don’t drink it too much but I do binge when I do and suffer for it later.
Vodka: mmm might need to rethink this one.
Sweets: I love sweets but really I could cut these out.
Coke: definitely need to reduce my consumption of this product.
Internet access: this will affect the whole family and then I would have to cope with four times the amount of stress for not having it do that’s this one ruled out.
Television: I have too many series to keep up with especially now Walking Dead, The Originals, The Americans and so many more. I think it would take me weeks sat in front of the television to catch up. This one is therefore ruled out.

Car. Potentially I could do this but Tuesdays would be a nightmare. Too many places kids need to be in to shorter periods. Ruled out.
Bread: now this one showed me most promise. I should give this up for a variety of reasons to see if I get less bloating cutting out wheat. To cut down on the C’s carbs and calories.

Decision made! I decided I was giving up BREAD.

Now on day 5 I have realised how difficult this is. It’s not just sandwiches it’s the whole hog that means bread and associated products so sliced breads, rolls, baguettes, pizza, bagels, pain au chocolate. Do I take it as far as wraps, crumpets and fruit loaf?

Not sure where to draw the line.

35 days and counting until I can eat this.


Jealousy jealousy custard

Damn it! I am fed up people keep jacking in their jobs with no other job in the pipeline! I am positively green with envy.

I want to do it but with two kids that I try to give the earth to (to my detriment I must say) a mortgage, an obsessive shopping habit and a love for holidays in the sun. It’s never going to be an option for me.

So let me think how this could possibly ever work………..loud ticking and grinding noises coming from my head whilst I invent some imaginary scheme.

Got it!  the plan is, she says chuckling with an evil villain world domination style cackle.

  • Become a full time paid for blogger – Really? Is there such a thing?
  • Be sponsored by a car company that will just give me a car to drive especially ifs its one of their  newest ones ALFA ROMEO, can you hear me 🙂
  • Be sponsored by a supermarket or home delivery food option that delivers a veg and meat box and then I have to make dinners and blog daily about what I concoct.  Though I must really learn to cook too. That may be a challenge!
  • Find a way of become an ‘extreme couponer’ in the UK.
  • Become a ambassador for some brands such as First Choice, Eurocamps, Dulux, I Love Wallpaper, Cargo, IKEA.

Such a pipe dream.

Ha ha well its worth a thought but now back to reality with a bump and to cook the Sunday dinner.