Davina what an inspiration. Sport Relief.

Davina what an inspiration. Sport Relief.

Oh my word I am a massive Davina fan as I just think that she is amazing, full of energy and a hugely lovable funny lady.  I am watching Davina on BBC 1 and the tears are rolling down my face as she completes her Sport Relief Challenge.

I thought the bike ride was enough but watching the pain and exhaustion whilst she was swimming was enough to make me sob.  I feel like a right prat sat on the sofa with my cup of tea watching her.  Knowing that my biggest challenge is a half marathon in October and What a bloody marvelous lady I just want to wrap her in a blanket and give her a big hug.

And now there is snow!  Oh Davina!

If you have missed Davina’s amazing challenge make sure you take time to catch up.

 Sports Relief Challenges catch up here!

To donate to Sport Relief you can donate £5 or £10 by texting the word FIVE or TEN to 70510 


On line Davina’s donation page


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