Birthday Parties – Something different?


This year the boys wanted something other than the usual football/bouncy castle leisure centre birthday party.  So I trawled the net for other more appealing options and found a fantastic alternative.

In July my eldest had been away with school for a week in Wales and whilst they were away he did rock climbing, canoeing, abseiling and the like.  He came back full stories of the activites he had taken part in. So from here I started my hunt to see what options were available for his birthday party.

My brother recommended contacted Youlbury, which I knew as a Scout camp. I found their page and contacted Kathy for ideas of prices.  I was expecting to pay a fortune!  £££££ and was pleasantly surprised that actually it wasn’t.

The pack arrived by email and hesitantly I scrolled through the information to find the prices and was very pleasantly surprised. £9 for one activity of 1.5 hours or £15 for two which equated to 3 hours – yes 3 hours of activities and most of them are qualified instructor led!

Joe’s was the first party we held at Youlbury this took place in July and it was hot, hot, hot.  The boys who were all 11  and attempted the aerial trekking and archery.

Arial trekking was so high I was dizzy just looking up, they had to scale the climbing wall to the top and then complete the aerial course and then come down  the other side.  The boys had two instructors and my brother also helped out.  then they attempted the archery. Whilst the boys did archery my sister and brother built a fire and cooked their sausages.


Leo’s was the  most recent party, which took place on Monday 28th October (yep the day of the potential 2012 storm which was supposed to rival 1987). Luckily, for me they didn’t cancel and we arrived with 8 boys aged 7 and 8 in tow.

The boys were very excited and attempted the archery using bows that looked massive in comparison to them.  They were led for both activities by Beth who had just passed her Level 2 assessment the day before enabling her to lead even more activities.   She controlled the boys so well I was very impressed. Safety talks and instructions were all listened to before the activity started.  Leo loved it and a couple of the boys managed to hit the bullseye!

 After a quick break for a wee, sandwich and a drink the boys were strapped into their harnesses for the crate stacking.

Beth advised that due to the weather if the crates were blowing over she would have to stop the activity.  Luckily the weather was sort of in our favour, the wind piped down but we did have a heavy shower but the boys did not fret and fuss they just cracked on and really enjoyed the adventure.  We did have one child who got upset and was adamant he  did not want to do the crate stacking activity.  All the boys had been strapped into their harnesses and as Beth was leading the safety briefing he decided that actually he may want to try so we strapped him up and  off he went.  It was decided that as they boys were small and as it was windy that 10 crates high would be adequate for them to attempt.  The child that was not so keen wanted to be the  second pair to attempt the stacks and he  loved it,  and wanted to do it again and again.  Such a turnaround!

Such a fab day yet again, even the weather didn’t put a downer on it and all the boys want to go back again.

We arrived at the camp at 9.30 and left just after 1pm. Definitely value for money.

In fact I am  thinking of having my 40th there and trying to encourage my work place to do a team building event there as it is great!

Here are the details of Youlbury Scout Camp.



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