Kitchen themes! Going underground

Kitchen Themes – Going Underground

I have been thinking about changing our kitchen and giving it a  Kitchen theme of Going Underground.  We moved in and it was Yellow, so I painted it cream. That’s how it has been since we moved in last summer.

I am not an interior designer but my idea was……. close your eyes and imagine…..

  • Cream or White walls
  • Cream or White tiles glossy metro tiles
  • Red and Blue accessories – tea caddies and stuff
  • Tube station signs
  • Red/White and Blue Kitchen Blind

Simple hey?  Just like this.

Then we went to the @Idealhome Show yesterday and we found a tube map from 1WALL.COM who specialise in murals and door posters.  It seemed a bargain at £15 so we bought it.


The Husband has installed our new mural this morning and I am not sure whether I am liking it.  Maybe it is a bit too much after being a room of creamy blandness for a while.   Maybe once I paint the chairs and table to match in red, white and blue gloss I will get used to it.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it, I do like it but not sure if its just a little bit too busy and that just a few signs would have been a better idea.

On the plus side the boys can learn the tube map and also where and how they would need to travel to get to certain places or visit Uncle Stephen when they are bigger.

The mural was really easy to install being just two pieces of paper to match and align.  Top tip: use a plumb line and a tape measure to get your central line and your good to go.

There are so many murals available from  You could even have a Where’s Wally or One Direction Mural.  Can you image a whole wall of 1D?  Pop over and check them out. Let me know if your tempted 🙂