SHOPPING – Pop up shops?

I had my first experience today of a POP UP shop. There are quite a few empty shops in our town and one is being used as a pop up shop.   I believe the point of the shop is that you rent it for a couple of months get noticed and either move into a shop in the town or move on.  I might have this completely wrong though.

What do you think of them? A good idea?  I certainly think so especially if they are completely different to anything we currently have in the town.

I remember a few weeks ago there was a photographer in the shop but now they have another retailer in.

I had driven past and saw some underwear in the window  and wondered what sort of shop this could be… first impressions I thought it was a burlesque, vintage,  maybe Dita Von Teese inspired shop.

Today was the day I walked past and my first impressions from a few drive by’s were so wrong.

The shop is currently being used as a pop up by two businesses Kuda, which sells items including handbags, scarves and jewellery and Pip & Pantamailon  which sells handmade products like lingerie, aprons, cushions and bunting.

As I walked into the shop I was greeted a lady who was happy to tell me about the products.  There are some beautiful knitwear items including two absolutely gorgeous dresses (neither of which would fit me 🙁 such a shame). There were also materials and ribbons, bunting, cushions and some fab little handmade note books. Which were made by a lady from Wallingford which is just a few miles away.  I purchased two notebooks for my boys as they are quite partial to a notebook for writing random sums or stories in.

I had to restrain myself as there were a few scarves and bits and bobs I could have quite easily purchased.

This shop won’t be around for long so I recommend that you get down to the Lower Broadway in Didcot and have a look.   (Opposite Barclays)

Just found this article too: