Conversations with the boys! Just a taster of what is to come .

Legs is 8 and some of the conversations we have are quite bizarre here are just a few for your amusement.

L = Mum, do you know that when your dead your body still keeps moving?

Me = Legs are you sure who told you that?

L = Well mum (letting out a big sigh) its obvious, the world is always spinning round so when your dead the world doesn’t stop does it?

Note to self:  Have I told him that the world keeps going when something bad has happened?

 – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x –

L = Mum, why do some mummies  give their babies to Nanny to look after?

Me = Nanny is a foster mummy which is sort of like a temporary mummy  or an auntie to look after babies or children  that can’t be looked after by their own mummies.

L = But why, do they not love them?

Me:  I am sure that they do love their babies very much but some mummies and daddies just can’t look after their babies or might need help to look after their babies and that is why they come to Nanny.  That’s why its important that we give them all our love and cuddles so that they don’t miss out on a minutes worth of love.

Note to Self:  Never really thought about the boys wondering why babies arrived at my mum’s house.   I wonder if the next question will be can we keep a baby?

– x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x –

L = Mum what happens to your skin when you get put in a coffin? Does all the fat melt away and all the skin just go all crispy?

Me = Erm, I don’t really know I suppose it would  go like a skin on a mummy like in Egypt. Lets google Egyptian mummies.

Note to Self:  Don’t try to google what happens to skin it is not an easy subject to read about, best off fluffing round the edges.

I know there are many many more maybe I should keep a diary of them.