Swimming Lessons – When is enough, enough?

For weeks now each Sunday afternoon has been like world war three in our house and all over swimming lessons. Is it really worth all the hassle?

I strongly believe that the boys should learn how to swim as I firmly believe that swimming is a life skill, just the same as reading and writing.  Both boys can get around a pool, do hand stands, retrieve weights from the bottom of the pool but have had enough with the lessons.  Joe says ‘ Its just a waste of my time and your money mum, you know I can swim’ and Leo’s comments are ‘Its always too cold and I just hate it’.  It is not the fault of the swimming club that the heaters keep breaking at the pool which is maintained by Nexus.

The swimming club is run voluntarily by qualified instructors and is only £30 term per child,  such a bargain it seems wrong not to send them.

But I have decided that as both of them are confident in the water and they can get from one end to the other then there is no point in pressing it further and too be honest I could think of better things to do on a Sunday evening than take them to their lessons.  I think I have been beaten. 🙁

However, if you are local I would recommend the Didcot Swimming Club and their website link is : http://didcotswimmingclub.wordpress.com/