Traumatised Mother the things we do – Retro Hair revival

Today my husband said he needed a hair cut.  Does he go to the barbers?  NO.  Hairdresser? NO.  He always has his dad cut his hair.

Anyway we drove over to his mum and dad’s I had a cup of tea and talked interior design (wallpaper and flooring) with my mother in law whilst Tim had his ‘usual’ hair cut.

Once, he had finished he suggested that my eldest have his hair trimmed and he is now supporting a nice 1980’s hair cut similar to mine in this picture. He thinks he looks cool but he hasn’t seen this picture of ME and realised it is the same style.

special haircuts 1980's

And then there  is Leo, the youngest.  Well actually words fail me and this can only be shared as am image!

dumb and dumberThere is no excuse I let this happen. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Poor kids!