Full Time Working Mum Job Specification

Full Time Working Mum Job Specification

Today I have been thinking about my CV or Curriculum Vitae as we used to have to call them when I was at school .  Yes, I left school in the 1990’s.  Such a long time ago!  So, I wonder what my actual full time working mum CV should look like if I did pull together everything that I really do in a day.

So thought I should put together my Job Spec just for fun and work out my CV from here.

Lets have a think,  what do I do?

  • Laundry Assistant – Ironing, taking up trousers, sewing on buttons
  • Chef -Breakfast and lunch boxes – healthy options: dad would just put in crisps and chocolate bars.  He doesn’t realise he packs, I unpack and repack with healthier options.
  • PA – making sure books and homework are in the bags along with any letters, raffle tickets, birthday cards for friends, reading book, violins, PE kit etc.
  • Personal hygienist – showers, teeth, deodorant, hair washing and brushing
  •  Chauffeur – to deliver children from home to appropriate schools.

Now that’s before my normal day job. As a Commercial Account Handler for an Insurance Broker.  So then I come home to be:

  • School Teacher – homework, I don’t really need to do more work after my day at work to be fair and I am not the most patient especially when trying to explain homework I don’t really understand – algebra and ratios
  • Prison Governor apparently!  Sometimes its like living in a prison according to my eldest when it comes to rules and bed times
  • Cleaner – though not too often as my husband is better at this than me – OCD issues I think
  • Time Keeper
  • Referee
  • Judge and Jury
  • Interpreter – I need to do that thingy? You know thingy they said can you ring them?

I am sure there is more.  Oh yeah, nearly forgot beck and call girl (pretty woman).

Whoops nearly forgot my most important one newbie blogger.

No wonder I struggle occasionally remembering everything!

  Today I forgot it was non-school uniform day so send my poor Leo in in school uniform.  It wasn’t even a day to raise money they had to bring in items for the school Christmas event.  I felt awful, poor little bugger.  I was relieved to see at least two other children in his class in their uniforms as well.  Leo wasn’t that bothered either to be fair but I just didn’t have time to go back home, change him and go to work. Thank goodness.

Maybe I need more than a chalk board and a calendar in the kitchen.  Might have to start adding everything into the calendar on my phone!

Note to self:  Find more ways to be organised.