Time to decide on my New Years Resolutions


I know we haven’t got to New Year yet and we still have Christmas to do but this time I want to attempt my resolutions will full enthusiasm and not half heartedly.

This year I am going to be 40.  I can remember my mum being 40 a few days after giving birth to my brother Jack. I am not planning a pregnancy but some other life changing events could be done.

Resolution 1 – Run forrest run!

Last year I managed to persuade my colleagues to run a half marathon with me.  Much to my surprise I managed to complete it.  It was not a world record shattering pace but I did it.  I really enjoyed the training once I got into my stride and I did enjoy (not all but most of) the half marathon.

SO I AM COMMITTING to getting my running shoes back on.  In January I shall commence a new running regime.  I am going for  some pre-January lunch time 2 mile walks with my colleague and encourager Suzanne  and then January I will start the running with Julie .  These ladies are inspiring they have both completed half marathons, lots of 10ks and Julie has also completed Marathons and 24 hour runs.  Suzanne is up for her first marathon the beginning of next year so we can support each other.

So this is a resolution for me and no one else.  I love the fact that when I am in the running zone I can just chuck on the trainers and go.  Whilst I am out I don’t have to think about anything or anyone and on the plus side I can nosey into peoples houses as I trek around the streets.

Resolution 2 – Spend more quality time with the boys.

As much as I love my boys to bits the time we spend together at the moment just seems to be a mass of testosterone verses oestrogen.  A huge big test of who will win and its got to be sorted out.

I think we should learn to spend time together boys and myself not attached to their technology and go back to basics.  Games of marbles, Jenga, Boules (mmm another Christmas present idea) dominoes.  Country walks (another burning calorie activity) or maybe I will start taking them to Park Run on a Saturday morning to burn off the excess aggression that’s flowing through their little bodies.

Park Runs are fabulous, good spirited people, fabulous tail runners (to keep me company) and all for FREE.  You just have to register and get a barcode to get a time.

That’s it just two resolutions. I am not going to set myself  the usual targets, swear less, eat less, drink less, lose weight.

Though I could shop less and start bargain hunting more.

What are your resolutions or  what is the best resolution you have ever made and kept to?