Bassetts Soft and Chewy – Omega-3 & Vitamins*

Bassetts Soft and Chewy – Omega-3 & Vitamins

I have been struggling with Legs for a while.  He is practically see through with big bags under his eyes, bad temper, skinny, no appetite.  Maybe these are all the usual things that parents worry about.  I did take him to the doctors to see if there was actually anything wrong.

The blood tests all came back as they should be and the doctor advised to make sure that all sweets and junk were cut out of his diet and healthy, healthy diet was to be his only option as he had become a ‘fussy eater’.  I didn’t think that we were that bad but all chocolate, crisps, cake were to be removed from the house.  The husband was not too happy with it as he is the junk food eater in our house.  My boys usually opt for fruit over crisps.

Most vitamins taste vile so I was looking out for something new when I had the opportunity to join the Mumsnet Bassetts Omega-3 Vitamins trial.   These trial vitamins not only contained Omega 3, they also contain vitamins A, C, D and E.  I have two boys so qualified for two packs and opted for the Summer Fruit and Orange and Lemon flavours. The boys have never been keen on taking vitamins and so thought we would give these a trial and see how it went.

Bassetts soft and chewy Omega 3 and vitamins

Bassetts soft and chewy Omega 3 and vitamins

Legs opted for the Orange and Lemon option and Moe wanted the Summer Fruit even though they keep swapping each day.

My only issue is that they do think that they are sweets!  I have had to hide them.  The boys could not taste the usually horrible Omega 3 bitter tastes and said that the Orange ones tasted like orange with extra sugar and the summer fruits tasted of blackcurrant.

I am glad I have found something that they will take and with the Omega-3 and  extra vitamins I think I am on to a winner!   I am hoping that taking these will have a positive effect on Leg’s behaviour  but we will have to wait and see  as  this is not a overnight fix.

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*Although I have been given these to trial the opinions in this article are entirely my own.