Eyes down for a full house – Lost my bingo virginity.

I am no longer a virgin, a bingo virgin that is!

I have had my first encounter with a bingo dabber. Four of us girls from work frequented the local bingo establishment.

When I was young (back in the late 70’s early 80’s) it was our local cinema and I used to go to Saturday morning pictures with my sister.

Anyway I digress.  I arrived and the same usherette from back in the day greeted me and gave me a registration form to fill in.  Paid my entrance fee and found the girls.   It seems that if you register you can sign in three other people so they were selling me the option of a cheap night out.

Form filled out and now to buy cards/tickets to play.  I didn’t have a scooby, a complete novice so just took the options given to me.  I ended up with three books of varying coloured pages, one big long strip, some link books and some national cards.

Sue purchased us all bingo dabbers mine was a pink one, though it turns out not a lucky one!

So the challenge began to try and understand the game.  First game was a single line, when that was won you went onto two lines followed by a full house to me a novice all the numbers crossed off.

We thought we were doing well until, a lady sat next to us pointed out that the winning numbers of each game were supposed to be crossed off on another ticket.  Well, we were bemused/confused but tried to catch up.  We have decided if we go again we must be prepared with crisps and sweets and snacks and maybe even a lucky mascot.

It was a bit odd, I was expecting tables to sit around but instead we sat in rows like at a test centre or on a train.

The bar on the other hand was cheap, cheap, cheap!  Maybe we should opt for bingo followed by a night out.

None of us won a thing but we did have a giggle.  I think we will go again.  It seems that they call bingo numbers most nights and weekends.

Bingo Night

Bingo Night