Winding down – Where is the Off button?

I feel so fidgety! I can’t switch off I feel like my mind is doing somersaults, backflips and trapeze tumbles. All I want to do is switch off!

Come on brain what is going on? Share with me!

Tonight got home from work, ate dinner, read with kids and as soon as I got in the bath that was it…… No no serene calming thoughts of butterflies skipping across meadows of wild flowers NO! Contemplating how best to tell people the differences between insurance policies, how I need to sort out other bits.

Now laying in bed I should have made a list of all the things that are flitting around in my head then tomorrow I could set a plan to deal with them!

I would love to leave work and completely switch off but I can’t seem to do that. I’m sure I will wake at two or three in the morning with other thoughts gnawing at my brain.

So I challenge myself to find ways of switching off. Maybe I should try yoga, meditation or colouring in.

How do you switch off?