Make Mine A Diet Lemonade and Vodka – Low Calorie Drink Options!

Make Mine A Diet Lemonade and Vodka – Low Calorie Drink Options!

This really infuriates me! There I have said it, now to unleash the debate!

I am again trying to tackle my weight.  Well it is January and that is what I believe I am supposed to do! Not that I am particularly unhappy with my weight it just how I look.   I have now reached the age or period in my life that there are other things to worry about but I would still feel conscious in a swimming costume (don’t even mention the B word – not at my age, size or colour which is somewhere in between white and smurf blue).

January and the diet change is a struggle enough so when know you are going out for a meal (alarm bells trigger) or even worse out for a few drinks (sirens wail) you know that you are walking into a minefiefood-drink--vodka--party--drinks_3242687ld of sugar filled mixer or soft drink options!

I know it’s radical but what if pubs and restaurants served low calorie or no calorie (zero) options as standard and you have to specifically ask for full fat! It really could be that easy.

Come on, you restaurant chains and you independents

we want to visit but you make it so difficult.

When I have asked for slimline bitter lemon they either just give me the full fat option or full fat lemonade. Ok, I can appreciate bitter lemon being less popular but sprite zero or Diet 7UP surely this could be available in cans or bottles.

Is it that they are really less popular or is it because they are generally not available? I look around the office and the majority of desks have a low cal drink of some kind in view.

A few years ago (2009 to be precise) I asked Greene King/Wetherspoons and a few other outlets why they didn’t stock diet lemonade and their reply was the same ‘lack of demand’.

I wonder if 5 years on there is still no demand for the low calorie options, who can answer this question?

Tell you what, why don’t you complete this little survey (4 questions) and we can go from there?  If its a pie in the sky idea I will forget it and if not lets unleash a campaign.

Low Calorie Drink Survey

So excited to see your responses.  Thanks for your time and if you have any views please share them with me 🙂