Ideas and Pipe Dreams

Ideas and Pipe Dreams

I love it when us girls get together we always have a giggle and at some point the conversation will turn to our ‘Delboy Millionaire Dreams’ moments.  Do you have these?

We will sit and think of all the things that we would love to have in our lives.

I think our current list is about 6 or 7 different business ventures that could potentially be big earners in our dreams.

Every time I think about these ideas I get a little bit sick as about 7 years ago I wanted to open a ‘soft play type area’.   Now we have one in town and its not ours.  To be fair its not quite the same as our ideas.

Then, today, on my drive home I have just noticed that a vintage, preloved shop has just opened, so that’s another one to cross off the list .  However, mine  also consisted of a tea shop serving tea in mismatched china, with massive Victoria sponge sandwiches and cupcakes then in one corner we would host vintage crafting sessions like crocheting, knitting and needlecraft too.


Which one will I cross off next?

Possibly,  the idea’s are too big which is why they will never get off the ground and we should think smaller?

Maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board and reassess the list of potentials and actually bite the bullet and have a go or are they all just ideas and pipe dreams.


50 days and counting until Father Christmas arrives!

I love Christmas and the counting has started.  A new tree  for our new house has been purchased and new decorations are slowly being acquired as I just can’t help myself each year something new gets added to the decorations box.

  I don’t like to include Christmas eve in the count as I think Christmas starts on Christmas Eve spending the day with hyped up kids and generally trying to make sure that all that needed to be done has been completed.

I usually try to book Christmas Eve off from work so that I can spend the day with the boys. I always want to take the boys to the Crib service but never usually  get there.  I think midnight mass it too late to be taking the boys to especially as they have been brainwashed into thinking Father Christmas will only come once they are in bed.  We also use Norad every year to track his journey so we know when we need to be in bed. – Norad count down to Christmas from 1st December its worth a look.

We have had the Christmas talk about the types of presents Father Christmas can bring and although he will not bring gaming systems i.e PlayStation’s and Xbox but he can bring games for them if you already have them.  I do not want another console in my house!

I am not at all sure what the boys are expecting lists are in preparation but I am positive that there will be one RED BMX on one of the lists!

Present buying has become more difficult as they have got older. Joe is now 11 and I am really going to struggle with him.   Last year was  Technic Lego which cost a fortune. Any suggestions?

Christmas just isn’t the same once you start getting more clothes than just your Christmas day outfit for presents is it?

My kids have just been far to spoilt over the years making it even harder. My problem is I remember as a child coming down Christmas morning to an armchair stacked and presents all over the floor piles of them and I want my boys to remember the same.  The only problem is that the things they want have got smaller and smaller, and the cost has got more expensive.

The boys have never been into Action Men and all that paraphernalia but have always been into their outdoor activities, bikes, scooters etc.

Time to start racking my brain and thinking what to do….. the clock is ticking maybe I will start easy ….. stockings!

 Christmas santa-claus wallpaper 03