Hangovers why are mine getting worse – My survival guide

I don’t understand why as I am getting older I seem to be suffering more and more with hangovers.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much I drink or what I drink the fact is if I have more than a couple of drinks I will be suffering.

I remember once my good friend Mike told me that the reason you get hangovers is that the alcohol lays a layer of fat over your brain.  My symptoms though are not always a headache though usually dizziness and sickness always but not always a headache.

With my hangover in place today I decided to try and find out what and why makes hangovers so unbearable.  It seems that even the scientists don’t really know what causes a hangover.  The closest I can see is that alcohol produces acetaldehyde which seems to be a toxin and dependent on how quickly your body can process this toxin depends on the length and severity of the hangover.   The older you get the longer it takes to process this toxin.

So what can I do?  Don’t drink is the obvious choice but really I am not sure that is an option.  Not that I am an alcoholic but I like a drink with my friends.  Maybe I don’t drink enough?  But really, I don’t want to go down that route.

Maybe I just need to find a great cure.  Reading through some websites today there are many so called cures but usually for me Coke Zero or full fat coke usually works but for the last couple they didn’t,  Maybe Dioralyte could be the way forward replacing the electrolytes my body is lacking as it has gone into a dehydration mode.

The cure for the latest hangover  was a latte from Costa coffee express.  Why? I had drunk a coffee at home and that hadn’t worked so whats the difference?

Here are my tips for the survival of a hangover:

  • Bananas – if you can cope with the texture when your hanging then these are great.
  • Baked Beans on toast
  • Pain au chocolate
  • for some of you it might be a good old bacon bap or a fried egg sarnie.
  • Coke has to be full fat though really to hit the spot.

So I am guessing its got to be carbs, caffeine and sugar  and maybe a painkiller or two,  these are my fixes for the dreaded hangover.

Let me know how you survive?  Hair of the Dog?  Raw egg?