Blogging from the M5

Today were off to Cornwall. All 14 of us to a lovely house just outside of Padstow.

Left our Shire a few hours ago and we are now sat on the M5. What joy! I have decided that I am going to see how many Starburst (Opal fruits if your as old as me 😉 ) I can get into my mouth at once without dribbling.

Husband is fuming! What joy! As the traffic stops and starts. Feels a bit like being on a fairground ride. I think I might have whiplash!

He keeps telling me that we are never going to Cornwall again. I am sure he will change his mind when we get there. Truth is we haven’t even reached Exeter yet!

Maybe we should have come a303 like we used to when we had VW 1303 yellow beetle.

The boys are being marvellous not a peep out of them thanks to the marvel of tablets (I haven’t drugged them) IPads androids and dvd’s etc.

Luckily for me Fearne on Radio One is keeping me sane. Thanks Fearne xx Though he turns the radio down and I crank it back up again.

What did we do back in the day when we went on holiday? Colouring in, I spy, car counting, seeing what shapes we could see in the clouds?

Randomly though I am sitting next to a large lorry thinking how patient the lorry drivers must be. They do these journeys daily it would drive me mental I swear.

Also on these journeys I seem to get a map chucked in my general direction if we get stuck. It seems that my map reading skills are ok enough to trust to get off and find alternate routes until he gets fed up with driving back roads. Then he will take back over again. We have satnav but he has satnav trust issues. So likes to double check it on a map.


Oh no crisis, a child needs a wee.!Is it acceptable to tell him to wee in a water bottle? I did and he freaked. Told me not to be disgusting. He would try and hold on till we found the next services.

Battery is nearly dead so time to post maybe if your lucky I’ll be able to update the blog whilst away. No 3G so no promises! See you on the other side 😉 Happy Easter xxx