Stain Removal – Vanish Gold Powergel – This stuff is magical

I am not a big reviewer of washing products as none really impress me and I think they are all much of a muchness. I am sure people will disagree but I can’t be bothered to get excited about it. If my clothes are clean and smell nice that’s a bonus for me.

But this magical Stain Remover nearly has me lost for words.

We were at the seaside for the weekend and they boys had ice creams, Leo being Leo had to be different and opted for a bright blue lolly – Mr Bubble or something it was called. Anyway needless to say he had dribbled it down him arm, across the back if his hoodie even in his hood. How he managed to get this lolly everywhere I do not know. Last time he had one of these blue evil lollies he ruined his T-shirt.

This time his hoodie was practically new so on the way back to the holiday home I stopped in Asda and picked up some stain remover not expecting it to work at all.

I followed the instructions and left for a few minutes to let the product work into the fabric and put in the washing machine with some normal washing powder on a normal 40 degree wash, crossed my fingers and waited.

The machine finished and I opened the door expecting the stains still to be there but by the magical power of Vanish Gold Powergel all the stains had gone.

I am so impressed I am on the hint for other stains now too see if they can remove older stains. I am annoyed I didn’t take pictures before to show you just how blue this lolly stain was.

Give it a go it’s definitely worth the £4 I paid!

Girls weekends

What is it that makes girl weekends so stressful?  What to wear? How much stuff to take? how many pairs of shoes? What type of shoes? Let alone what handbags and how much money to spend.

I am off to Brighton on a girls weekend tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it or at least I know I will once we are on our way.  I haven’t been to Brighton in a very long time and last time I was extremely badly behaved and took a week to recover from my hangover! Drinking pints of black Russian is not the way for a lady (mmm term used loosely) to behave.

So, I need to pack my bag.  It feels like I am going for a week not two nights.  Jeans, weathers going to be cold so definitely jeans and jumpers during day and black trousers and top for Saturday night.  PJ’s they must go in first I don’t want to forget them and underwear.  That list doesn’t sound too unreasonable, does it?  However, you know what’s going to happen, seven tops, four pairs of trousers, a dress just in case and a few pairs of shoes and several clutch bags and a couple of jackets.

So that’s the clothes sorted, now then what’s next.  Bath, shave legs and pits, should have had my eye brows done and possibly chin and lip too. Damn it there is always something.  Hair was cut a week ago so that’s ok. Fake tan, oh really, no that’s so not me.  I am pasty until I have one drink and then I flush bright red anyway so never could be a secret drinker.

Now to sort the husband and kids tempting as it is to leave them to fend for themselves …. oh that’s an idea.  I think I might.  The fridge and freezer are full,  school uniforms ready for tomorrow and that’s it. Anything I have forgotten??

So that’s me nearly done. Now its time to chill out and try and forget about work and all the other thing I should have done and haven’t and also get some sleep.