Letters to Father Christmas via snail mail, email or Prayer?

This weekend we watched our favourite Christmas film. ELF.  After the film we had a little chat about writing our letters to Father Christmas as I need to sort my shopping.

Leo, my eight year old decided to inform me that he didn’t need to write a letter, or send and email as he knows that he can speak to Father Christmas in the same way that he can talk to God. After a bit of probing I have discovered that he has given his list to Father Christmas via the medium of prayer!

I think he has got confused somewhere along the line.

I asked if he could tell me what he had asked for so that I can write it down in case the elves can’t read Father Christmas writing when it comes to packing the sleigh.  To this he answered in an exasperated tone  ‘Mum, Father Christmas will not get it wrong, he never has done before and he knows exactly what I would like’.  At this point I was breaking into a sweat I know that there will be something really random that he has asked for and I won’t know about until 9pm Christmas eve and then it will be too late.

What is a mum to do?  I have tried his tactic of praying for inspiration but this has not happened yet!  The pressure is on!  Maybe I will make a collage of  things I think he wants and send it from and Elf to make sure it is right!

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