Allergies – How it impacts your life!

Sometimes I wonder if people really know what or how allergies  actually affect peoples lives.   I don’t’ want sympathy but I just don’t think that it would even cross peoples minds how allergies do make an impact on the day to day activities that some just take for granted.

I am nearly forty and allergic to loads of things but the main allergies that cause me problems is my allergy to animals.  For most people they won’t even consider how much of an impact this could have on how you live your life.

Here is a list of things that either I can’t do or I have to really think about and plan my way around just because of my animal allergies. I am really allergic to cats, dogs, really anything with fur or feathers so here is my list.

  • I have in the past tried to do party plan, selling books, cookware, make up to you and your friends in the comfort of your home. If they have dogs or cats it means that my time in their house will be  limited and I will usually have to dope myself with antihistamine and inhalers before, during and after my visit.
  • Girls nights, in same as above medicate and just stay as long as I feel comfortable.  Luckily my friends know what a nightmare I am and I love them for it.
  • We were recently looking to move home and to most people this is great.  For me the first thing to consider was how long can I spend in the house before I couldn’t breathe!  So we had to look for a property that didn’t have cats or dogs thereby reducing the number of properties to view. We did find a house that my husband really liked but I could only spend 10 minutes in the house before I couldn’t breathe so there was no way on earth I was going to risk buying a house that I couldn’t live in.
  • Obviously this also has an impact on any jobs that I may want to apply for.  I couldn’t for example be a trade i.e  plumber, electrician, painter and decorator etc as couldn’t go to peoples home.  I couldn’t  even be an estate agent, financial adviser, curtain or carpet sales person. Even though I am sure I would be brilliant as couldn’t guarantee I would be ok in the houses.
  • My cousin has just moved house today and I couldn’t even stay on her house long as the previous owner had a dog! How annoying!

I am posting this so that people have a little insight into how lives are affected by allergies and I haven’t even mentioned the peanuts yet!

I wonder if anyone else has alternative ways in coping besides just avoiding the situations in the first place.  Comments and suggestions are welcomed.