Fitness and Fatness updates

OK its going global as of today I weigh 188lbs and I feel it!  Its not big and its not clever to be this big.  I now need to do something about it so here I am going to share my progress, slip ups and goals with you.

What do I want out of this?  Well, I want to be able to go in a shop and pick up and item and try on and it look nice without sucking in my belly or trying to squash it into ‘scuba pants’.

GOAL WEIGHT 147Lbs  – time scale 20 weeks – End February 2014

Mini Goals – End November – 12lb loss

Christmas           – 20lb loss

I am never going to be a 9st person I think 10.5 stone is more reasonable.

Still smiling

Today was day 1 of the exercise plan I have until the 26th October to be able to run 5k I could do it last year so I am hoping I can get back there quickly.

So dusted off the trainers, downloaded my runkeeper app and with inhaler and iphone in hand I set off. A perfect evening it had just got dark and was cold or a lot colder than it has recently been.  I walked the end of the road and then started my ‘Joggage’ as it has been nicknamed.  I decided as it has been a year since my last fitness effort to try and run and walk routine for 20 minutes just to get me out and out of breath.

I started off fine and just as I hit 0.3 of a mile.  I thought I was doing so well  I would have a little sprint (if you could call it that).  From the perception of an onlooker I probably looked like some large lady running to buy the last cake in the shop. Well, that little sprint blew it for me.

I tried walking till I got my breath back but no I was struggling and started a wheeze.  Such a cop out and so annoyed with myself!   Trainers are in my bag.  Though I am not sure that I will get some joggaging done on a girls weekend but the thought is there in my head.

If not then Monday will be my next venture out.

Have a look at this link, this looks amazing



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