Hello world! Its ME!

Well then, here we go a place for me to write and share all the random goings on in my head and my world.

I will share with you my views on life, kids, products, places, schools and I am sure much much more besides.

During the day the number of things that flash through my brain is sometimes enough to leave me with a headache or worst still a pang of guilt because maybe I should have done something with that comment from one of the boys and taken it more seriously as an example.  Sometimes I think I take the world at face value too much of the time.

I am not (apparently) the most diplomatic, needless to say I don’t think I am tactless either but sometimes people need to be told it straight however, I might add in my own slight twist of irony which I find amusing.

This is all new to me so please as they say on Miranda ‘bear with’ or is that ‘ bare with’.  The things I am going to learn ooh, this is going to be exciting.