About Me

I am a mother of two boys for my sins.  One has just started secondary school and the other is in primary school.  The boys are generally as good as boys could be though too much attitude is now creeping in.

One of my boys is dyslexic so hopefully I can share with you the things I learn , things that help and things that are a complete waste of time.

The boys enjoy being outside, scooters, bikes, camping all the stuff that I am not keen on but a great excuse for daddy time.

Daddy and I had been together 10 years before we got married and now we are on our 14th year of marriage…mmm sure I would have had less for murder, any how he is great!  He does the washing, hovering and cleaning to the excess, coping with a husband with OCD is a full time job in itself especially when he gets a strop on because I haven’t done anything!  Whoops.

Then I suppose there is ME! well what can I say.  Extremely unfit, though I did run a half marathon in 2012 in 3 hours and 19 minutes and not run since.  I need to get my trainers on and get back out there so hoping this blog is going to keep me motivated and that I can share my trials, tribulations and blisters with you.  What else is there?   I am a full time working mum who has fallen into the Insurance pool.  It seems once you fall in its hard to get out.  I enjoy where I work, the people I work with but I am not enjoying all the extra tick boxes and politics that go with it.  But is the grass greener on the otherside, who really knows?

I have in the recent past completed mystery shopping assignments which is quite fun, pretending to purchase cars and then phoning up to cancel them to see how the agents react or see how much I can negotiate prices down to and get upgrades thrown in for free.  Also purchases from shoe, jewellery shops, food shops really its all just assessing customer services. I am currently also a Bzzagent and get products to try and share with as many people as possible as that all about Word of Mouth (WOM) 🙂

What are my aims?  To share my daily thoughts and events with the big wide world.

I hope you enjoy.  Elaine xx



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi nice to meet you. Which of the boys has the dyslexia? Does he get any help for it?
    I have 4 boys and my oldest and youngest have special needs (they range from 4-16 years).

    • My eldest who is 11 has dyslexia. It has taken a long time to get him diagnosed I had been pressing since year 1. I thought it was a slight give away when there were issues when his name which is only 3 letters long and he still couldn’t spell it. Although he was getting help, it was no where near what he needed. I threw my toys out of the pram and made the school get an educational psychologist out to confirm I was right, and luckily I was. He is now on School Action Plus and has just made the jump to secondary school. We had a brilliant meeting with his tutor and also the SENCO at the new school and she has put a lot of planning and interventions in place in the last few weeks and more still to come. I am quite excited about this. Apparently the school have registered as only one of 25 schools in the UK to start a new literacy program and she believes this would be ideal for my son. He has the usual overlays, his are yellow so we will see whether they come up with the goods, so to speak. Fingers crossed! How have you coped with secondary schools and special needs?

I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine