Fabulous Santanyi

I love my girls and I love a weekend away.

This weekend was definitely needed!

I wrote a post a few years ago about the effort it takes to go on a weekend away but this one was so different.

Work was manic so, I literally shoved some stuff in a hand luggage case, got in the car and went.

I had no idea what I had packed, swimmers, knickers and toothbrush were my only priorities. Usually, would have been multiple outfits, shoes and handbags!

The journey to Birmingham was hell more accidents on A34 and leaving late. This meant we were running to the gate to board.

*Little note to self: next time leave at lunchtime!

Ryanair flight was also pretty crappy. The Crew were not happy bunnies as we boarded and their mood did not improve the whole flight. They did not even manage to serve the whole flight with a drink, I would have been happy with a bottle of water but nothing!

I didn’t expect much more to be honest!

We arrived and had a fabulous few days. No expectations, no demands, no deadlines.

Just a few fantastic days of relaxing, chatting, drinking, dancing, shopping, eating and generally being happy in your skin!

This was definitely the recharge and boost I needed.

Thank you to our hostess Tania for inviting and coping with us! Thank you to Chris for stocking up the alcoholic beverages ?.