Feeling frugal?

We are embracing the #FrugalFebruary ethic.

The aim is going to be to spend £100 or less for all dinners for the whole of February. There are four of us and I am vegetarian. I know some of you will have issues but it’s my choice to be a veggie and when or if the boys decide to be veggie they will get my total support. They all have been taught from a very young age where their dinner comes from and whilst they want to eat it and I know where it comes from I am happy to cook it for them.

Today’s meat came from my local Butcher Bobs, in Harwell and the vegetables all came from the local Saturday market.

Total spend today was £87.00.

The meat purchased from Bobs consisted of 26 chicken breasts, 2 x packs of mince, 4x packs of 4 pork steaks in varying flavours, a gammon joint which Bob cut in half so I now have two joints and a big bag of braising steak.

The menu for February, so far consists of the following dinners:

1x pork medallions – Lemon pepper

1x pork medallions – Sweet chilli

1x pork medallions – BBQ

1x pork medallions – Chinese

3x beef stew

2x bolognese

2x cottage pie

2x chicken tinga

2x sweet and sour chicken

2x chicken kebabs

1x garlic chicken

2x chicken curry

2x sweet potato and spinach curry

2x gammon joints for roasts

1x mince frozen for burgers

I’ve also prepared some slimming world chips, potato wedges and roasts that have all been bagged and frozen ready to chuck in the oven as required.

We also massive sack of  spuds all of which are jacket spud sizes,  some purple sprouting, spinach, carrots, parsnips, peppers – no courgettes as they are really expensive. Wishing I hadn’t ripped my plant out of the green house before Christmas!

The store cupboard items such as seasonings, salt, pepper, chilli, garlic, peas, sweetcorn, ginger, chinese five spices and curry powder also came in handy today.

Market items also included apples, satsumas, grapes, pears, plums and bananas.

….. and that’s the freezer full and me done for today.

Is it time?

As things are changing globally with Brexit and the Trump inauguration I am asking myself is it time to get back to blogging?

Is 2017 the year I crack it?

I have spent ages trying to get access since last post was …. a long long time ago in days of old. Now the world is all remote working and work life balancing acts.

So let’s see how it goes?