Bad days? What is yours?

I wonder what actually classes as a bad day. Is it the mood you are left in at the end of the day or the events that make up the day? 

I know there are extremes but to summarise my bad ….. it began …….

1. Got up late!  Now to me that’s bad enough it means less time to get Legs from his pit so not only will I be ratty so will the boy! Could this have been prevented – yes, probably I could have not switched off my alarm but snoozed or actually got up as it went off. The husband who was up could have woken me or at least the kids but no he was trying to prove some point! 

Luckily I managed to get kids moving and out and not miss my train! 

2. Broke a chair.  This in itself could be telling me something. I digress, the whole office was called to a presentation with lunch in the boardroom. I was trying to be good so had stopped at Subway for my salad to have instead of sandwiches, crisps and cake.  Breezed in found a chair a few rows from the back and sat.  As I sat there was an almighty crack and the seat had broken, my arse had properly gone though it and I  felt as though my legs were sticking out of the top. It was humiliating, so red faced and feeling like a three year old I moved the chair so no one else would sit on it and found another chair. Was this telling me I need to double my weight loss efforts!    

3.  Knickers!  For some reason today I had pulled out the  most uncomfortable knickers ever!   Seemed to be a permanent Wedgie and then the front kept rolling down under my belly fat. That’s enough to put anyone in a miserable mood I am sure!

4. Buses! Just tried to pay for bus with my printer access code card. Then perched with one arse cheek on a chair as the other person was taking up more than one seat! 

5.Total humiliation!  Wearing a dress today as it’s lovely and warm. I swear the one breeze of the day blew up my dress and flashed my wedged arse cheeks to the whole station. I would say a Marilyn Monroe moment but that would be a fib more like Miss Piggy.

So not as bad as some peoples days I am sure but it was one of my top bad days and nearly topped the day I was run over by a bike!

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I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine