Dubai 40th Birthday Adventure

My husband (bless him) has a hard life, really it’s true. I make him clean, hoover, do the washing, food shopping, blah blah and all that stuff.

But I think he still must love me, even though I am a complete bitch. I know, I am I try not to be but I can’t help it. May have been the way I was raised!

Anyway, June is always a busy month our wedding anniversary, my birthday and oh, my birthday. We have never been a family for doing much on our birthdays once we reached adulthood.

Last year my youngest brother was 21 and I hit the big ol’ 40.

My husband had arranged for both of us to go away.  The kids were looked after by my sisters (Thank you Emma and Kate).

I didn’t know where I was being taken.   I only knew that it involved a plane.  No hints as to the weather either so packing was an absolute nightmare.  My packing tactic ended up being underwear, maxi dresses and some flip flops anything else I would have to buy therefore costing Tim more but if he couldn’t tell me where we were going then he would suffer (evil streak rears its head again).

My cousin Kev drove us to the airport and we checked in at baggage drop off so still no clue as to where we were heading.  Could have been Ghana, New York, Dubai or Australia. The girl at the drop off desk giggled as she thought it was amusing that I didn’t know where we were off to.  Went through to departures and hung around for a bit then the New York and Dubai gates opened.  I still didn’t know!

I only found out as we had passed the New York gate and headed for the Dubai gate.  I was so excited I was heading out to see my friend. So so excited!

We had a brilliant flight watched a few films and had a few drinks and arrived in Dubai in the morning.  The doors to the aircraft opened and some heat, not much rushed in.  Collected bags and headed for a taxi.  As we walked out through the airport doors the heat hits you like a tonne of bricks.  I love that feeling it feels like my bones melt and instantly feel chilled out,  Tim on the other hand shrivels in the heat.

Arrived at Kerry’s and had a look around her new villa which is lovely and then headed to meet Mike for lunch.

What I didn’t know is that more scheming was in place and I was going to stay at the Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai which is gorgeous.

After lunch the the boys disappeared.  I thought Mike had taken Tim to a shop to talk bikes (I am so gullible) .  

Kerry then took me round to the hotel reception and we checked. It was so exciting.

We were then taken to the lounge for complimentary afternoon tea. Massive spread of dainty sandwiches, cakes and fruit. Obviously this was going to end up a seriously food and sunshine orientated visit. I was in heaven!

The room was beautiful and overlooked the Burj Al Arab!

I love Dubai it’s a lovely little bubble of heat, sun and opulence!


I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine