Fat Traps or Blocked Drains?

Fat Traps or Blocked Drains

This year it was my turn to cook Christmas dinner and although I think I was super organised by googling things to prepare ahead, gravy, roast spuds etc the one thing when cooking always concerns me is the lard/fat/juices etc that are left over.  Being veggie this also freaks me out quite a bit.  

Usually if cooking for the boys I save the fat and mix it with bird seed to put in the garden but with two turkeys and a gammon there was too much fat to even think about using all of it.  I was trying to pour the warm juices into squash bottles so that I could bin them rather than throw it down the sink when my sister appeared with these.

Fat Trap

Fat Trap – www.thameswater.co.uk/binit

These came flat packed and pop up easily into little boxes that you can keep on the work surface to be filled with fat and juices.  Each box is sealed with a plastic liner and a seal on top so that the contents do not spill out.  This means that once the liquid/fat/juice has cooled you can tip it in here and throw it in the bin.

For me this beats the worry of blocking the drains so no more running the hot water and pouring half a bottle of Fairy down the sink as you tip your fat etc away and therefore I will no longer be contributing to the Fatburgs that are smothering our drainage systems.

If you don’t have these boxes then there are other ways to bin your fat such as collecting the fat in old containers and jars or using for the bird to make fatballs.

If you want to see more about Fatburgs then visit www.thameswater.co.uk/binit



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