Slimming World – Syn Free Snacking – Garlic and Chilli New Roasties

I don’t and will never claim to be a food/cookery blogger but I really have to share these beauties with you.

Let’s start by setting the scene girls round for a few drinks, normally I would crack open the wine and Doritos, Kettle chips etc and an array of dips and max out my calorie intake in minutes as crisps and dips or cheese and biscuits are my favorite things to eat .

No more!

I know that if  I have the girls over  I will max out my syns on vodka but with slimline bitter lemon but  it is always worth it.

Slimming World – Syn Free Snacking – Garlic and Chilli New Roasties


Shopping List:

Bag of baby spuds -I love Charlotte baby potatoes but it’s up to you.  I think the smaller the better.

Lazy chilli

Lazy garlic

Seasalt and Black Pepper

Fry light

Lets do it:

Par boil potatoes in a saucepan. Drain and if you want really crispy edges bash them up a bit (this is a technical term for shaking them up a bit in colander so they have rough edges)

Put them in a roasting tray and coat with Fry Light.

Then add in some chilli and garlic. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules to how much of each I usually throw in a teaspoon of each, though I am a bit heavy handed when it comes to the chilli!

Sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Mix through so that each of the potatoes are coated with the oil and seasoning combo and put in the oven.

I am a gas mark girl, so usually gas mark 5  (190°C).   I seem to cook everything on 5.  Leave them to magic themselves into perfect balls of chilli and garlic heaven -20 minutes is usually enough.

You could also make potato wedges or chips in the same way.

Totally syn free snacking – gets a thumbs up from me.

Have a go and let me know how you get on or share your variations with me.

Oh my life has changed!


Well it’s official I am teaching myself to crochet with the help of YouTube. The flower above is my first ever attempt at crocheting and it’s really quite easy.

Let’s see what else I can find to make.

Any suggestions of great items to make? Let me know share your suggestions below.


This weekends challenges

This weekend I am at home!

This may seem like a weird quote but I feel that for weeks I have been everywhere else but at home. Tim is working so I can do as I like ‘Yippee-ki-yay’ as Bruce would say in Die Hard. Anyway I seem to have digressed already.

The plan for Saturday:
1. Pop to the allotment to see what’s going on there and see what needs to be harvested as we haven’t been for weeks.

2. Make some chutney from the gherkin glut and whatever else I can find at the allotment.

3. I need to go shopping for a coat, a commuting coat not too heavy but something smart.

4. I need to find a new fridge freezer. Will I find what I want, what I really really want? Who knows we will have to see tomorrow!

5. Stock up on foods to make slimming world week easier. Guess I will be doing a bake sesh for this too

Let’s see how far we get!

What are you up to? Do you have any great chutney recipes you would like to share?

Enjoy your weekend
Elaine x

Stain Removal – Vanish Gold Powergel – This stuff is magical

I am not a big reviewer of washing products as none really impress me and I think they are all much of a muchness. I am sure people will disagree but I can’t be bothered to get excited about it. If my clothes are clean and smell nice that’s a bonus for me.

But this magical Stain Remover nearly has me lost for words.

We were at the seaside for the weekend and they boys had ice creams, Leo being Leo had to be different and opted for a bright blue lolly – Mr Bubble or something it was called. Anyway needless to say he had dribbled it down him arm, across the back if his hoodie even in his hood. How he managed to get this lolly everywhere I do not know. Last time he had one of these blue evil lollies he ruined his T-shirt.

This time his hoodie was practically new so on the way back to the holiday home I stopped in Asda and picked up some stain remover not expecting it to work at all.

I followed the instructions and left for a few minutes to let the product work into the fabric and put in the washing machine with some normal washing powder on a normal 40 degree wash, crossed my fingers and waited.

The machine finished and I opened the door expecting the stains still to be there but by the magical power of Vanish Gold Powergel all the stains had gone.

I am so impressed I am on the hint for other stains now too see if they can remove older stains. I am annoyed I didn’t take pictures before to show you just how blue this lolly stain was.

Give it a go it’s definitely worth the £4 I paid!