My Top Ten Favorite Films

My Top Ten Favorite Films

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Gene Wilder
  2. Steel Magnolias – Olypmia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine
  3. Stand by Me – River Phoenix
  4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – Chevy Chase
  5. Practical Magic – Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing
  6. The Lost Boys – Jason Patric, Corey Haim
  7. The Italian Job – Micheal Caine
  8. Breakfast at Tiffanys – Audrey Hepburn
  9. Meet Me In St Louis – Judy Garland
  10. Forrest Gump – Tom Hanks

These are mine in no particular order but they are always easily to hand for those 4am mornings when I can’t sleep or Sunday afternoons.

What are yours?

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