Shirkers and Workers – Just for fun….. or is it?

Shirkers and Workers

This has been sat in my waiting to post queue for a while so today I will bite the bullet and post it.

In every work environment there are the ‘workers’ and ‘shirkers’.  It seems that these days the shirkers out way the workers.

Shirker Alert!

Och Eye :

Tendencies of the Och Eye:

  •  Make appointments in the middle of the day and apparently that means cannot come to office before or after meeting.
  • Pretend not to have lunch but disappear from desk for long periods of time
  • Takes three or four attempts to dial a number ( number dyslexic always a possibility given the Och the benefit of doubt )
  • Always expressing how busy they are and how much there is to do though never actually does any of it
  • Any excuse for a work at home day or  a lunch out on expenses


Tendencies of the Ditherer:

  • Can’t make a decision
  • Can’t retain any information shared with it
  • Very pleasant and everyone has a soft spot (or sympathy spot) but people skills are severely lacking
  • Cringe worthy telephone manner.  I sit as my desk and over hear some of the conversations and just am sometimes left astounded at the conversations I hear.

Worker Alert:

The Baker:

Tendencies of the Baker

  • Generally all round pleasant person
  • very very rarely looses temper
  • always goes out of way to help everyone else even if busy
  • sharer and feeder – great cakes and savouries

The Moaner:

Tendencies of the Moaner

  • Has lots to say about everything
  • Hard working and always strives to do the best for the customer and actually usually delivers the best service for their clients

I m sure that there are these people in all organisations.  I challenge you to spot yours?


I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine