What a disastrous day – Tara this one is for you, I hope you get some amusement from my epic failures

Do you ever have one of those days where you wished you had not got out of bed.  Today, was one of those days.  I have therefore decided to document today for amusement value only.

To make it easy I will list them as they occurred:

  1. Husband was in a mood from the moment I awoke as I woke up late.  Nothing unusual there.  Except for the fact I didn’t sleep well during the night but he wouldn’t have noticed
  2. A friend called round to the house with her husband and daughters.  Whilst stood in the garden discussing the tortoise who at the time was devouring a slug.  I was trying to tell them that usually she was happy with her weeds and vegetables that I give her and I wasn’t sure why she was eating the slug.  Words were said along the lines of ‘she does not usually hunt’, or that’s what I was supposed to stay.  Instead I got the words Catch and Hunt amalgamated into the awful four letter word that rhymes with hunt but begins with C.   Do you get where I am coming from?  Luckily the girls were too busy cooing over the tortoise but myself and my friend automatically cackled into hysterical laughter but on my part I am sure it was embarrassment. Sorry T!
  3. Went to the garden center with husband and kids.  On the way past the checkouts the boys asked for something to eat so grabbed them some sweets and I had a packet of minstrels. Well, I seemed to have dropped a minstrel between my legs and onto my seat.  I didn’t realise as I was driving.  I only realised as I was stood in the queue to pay for my petrol in the garage as my 11 year old son came running in to the store stating ‘Mum it looks like you might have a poo issue.  Have you poo’d your pants?’  Indeed. it looked like I certainly had!
  4.  I got in the car all flustered, put keys in the ignition turned the key.  The boys were in the back seats cackling away at me, the radio was blaring and I put the car in reverse….. luckily I didn’t reverse into anything as it took me a good few minutes to realise I hadn’t even started the engine.  Even more ridicule came from all directions!

So now I am sat on the sofa.   I am not moving or speaking to anyone else until I go to bed!

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I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine