Calling all fashionistas – Please explain

OK I know that I am hitting my 40’s but please can someone shed some light on this for me?

So let me get this right.

I need to have lank hair that I tie to my neck (strangled look)

Wear a sequinned preferably fish looking dress that’s too big for me with a long sleeved white t-shirt underneath and some white trainers.  I must be missing something as I think this is awful besides she looks quite zombie like.

Lets see how we can make this look:

Long sleeve white T-shirt – £4 from George at Adsa

White canvas Trainers – £6 from George at Asda

Green Sequinned dress – 99p Ebay

Black Scarf – £5 Tesco




One thought on “Calling all fashionistas – Please explain

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I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine