Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014

I am in and I am in by myself that’s going to make it a bit harder for me but I am a big girl now , or an old lady according to my son (little git).

I have decided I am going to use my Moonwalk in May to train up for the running version in October 🙂 however as yet I am to be surgically removed from the sofa.

In 2012 I did complete the same half marathon in 3 hours 19 minutes so this time I really want to smash that time. 2.5 hours would be amazing but I need to get off the sofa.

What are my stumbling blocks…. mmm let me think, OH ITS ME, just me. I blame the kids, husband, weather but really its me!

I have the ‘shand plan’ so really no excuses except for being completely lazy.

Time for action is near ….. so watch this space.

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