Calling all fashionistas – Please explain

OK I know that I am hitting my 40’s but please can someone shed some light on this for me?

So let me get this right.

I need to have lank hair that I tie to my neck (strangled look)

Wear a sequinned preferably fish looking dress that’s too big for me with a long sleeved white t-shirt underneath and some white trainers.  I must be missing something as I think this is awful besides she looks quite zombie like.

Lets see how we can make this look:

Long sleeve white T-shirt – £4 from George at Adsa

White canvas Trainers – £6 from George at Asda

Green Sequinned dress – 99p Ebay

Black Scarf – £5 Tesco




Eyes down for a full house – Lost my bingo virginity.

I am no longer a virgin, a bingo virgin that is!

I have had my first encounter with a bingo dabber. Four of us girls from work frequented the local bingo establishment.

When I was young (back in the late 70’s early 80’s) it was our local cinema and I used to go to Saturday morning pictures with my sister.

Anyway I digress.  I arrived and the same usherette from back in the day greeted me and gave me a registration form to fill in.  Paid my entrance fee and found the girls.   It seems that if you register you can sign in three other people so they were selling me the option of a cheap night out.

Form filled out and now to buy cards/tickets to play.  I didn’t have a scooby, a complete novice so just took the options given to me.  I ended up with three books of varying coloured pages, one big long strip, some link books and some national cards.

Sue purchased us all bingo dabbers mine was a pink one, though it turns out not a lucky one!

So the challenge began to try and understand the game.  First game was a single line, when that was won you went onto two lines followed by a full house to me a novice all the numbers crossed off.

We thought we were doing well until, a lady sat next to us pointed out that the winning numbers of each game were supposed to be crossed off on another ticket.  Well, we were bemused/confused but tried to catch up.  We have decided if we go again we must be prepared with crisps and sweets and snacks and maybe even a lucky mascot.

It was a bit odd, I was expecting tables to sit around but instead we sat in rows like at a test centre or on a train.

The bar on the other hand was cheap, cheap, cheap!  Maybe we should opt for bingo followed by a night out.

None of us won a thing but we did have a giggle.  I think we will go again.  It seems that they call bingo numbers most nights and weekends.

Bingo Night

Bingo Night



Freddie Perry Foundation – Fundraising cycle ride from Avesbury to Didcot – 53+ miles


Freddie Perry Foundation Charity Bike Ride 2014

On 11th September 2013 our community was shaken to its roots.  We lost 10 year old Freddie in a road traffic accident. 

Freddie was the sweetest and funniest little chap.  He always had a cheery smile and a hello for everyone.  The children in the neighbourhood all played together, basketball, scooters, bikes football on the green.  The boys were always in each others houses.

In fact, we were just commenting today how the children all new each other and us parents all knew where the children belonged but did not necessarily even know the names of their parents.  We might have known each other well enough to say hello to in the street but not a come round for a cuppa type of relationship.

Since the accident we as a community have been brought much closer together, we have become much more of a tighter community and we all want to make our neighbourhood as safe as it can be.

There have been conversations with Councillors, Planning Officers and the like  but still six months later nothing has been resolved.  We don’t want much,   a safer environment for our children, our elderly and ourselves but sometimes it feels like that is just too much to ask.

Judith and Lea Freddie’s parents are in the process of setting up a charity, The Freddie Perry Foundation.  The aim of the foundation is to help with funding and raising awareness of road safety where children are involved. 

There is a lot of paperwork to be completed and this is an ongoing process at the moment to set up the foundation.

In the meantime though people are wanting to be involved and wanting to be raising money to help reduce the chances of this happening again.  Lea, Freddie’s dad said that they wanted to set up the Foundation so that Freddie’s death was not in vain.

So far there have been waxing events, bungee jumps and the latest event is a cycle ride (she says making it sound like a little leisurely ride to the pub)  from Avesbury to Didcot over 53 miles along the Ridgeway to Streatley and then back into Didcot.

The bike ride is taking place on Saturday 29th March.  It is being cycled by 5 lads the youngest being only 14.  Go Zac!!

The boys are hoping to arrive home at about 3pm.  So I shall be waiting for them to rock up to the pub.  If you want to come and support them please feel free to pop along to The Wheatsheaf, Wantage Road, Didcot from 2pm.

Hopefully we will be able to get fundraising pages sorted out soon so that you can get involved too if you wish.

Kids – Things they say that make me giggle.

The best phrases my boys have come out just lately!

  • Tonight I am going to be golden and go to bed.
    • I wonder if this stems from the phrase to be ‘as good as gold’ ?
  • Why is it so Froggy?
    • He did mean foggy
  • You are so shellfish, all I want to do is move to America!
    • This was from my 8 year old.  Who apparently thinks we should move to Florida so we can have a massive house and a hummer and work for Gas Monkey Garage or Disney.
  • Smarshmellows
    • Commonly know as Marshmallows.

Vampires, Zombies, Witches and Werewolves – Television Obsessions

Vampires, Zombies, Witches and Werewolves   – Television Obsessions

Its official if you hadn’t heard I am obsessed with Vampires, Zombies, Witches and Werewolves!

My 11 year asked me today why I love them so much and I couldn’t explain.  I don’t really know why I love them so much.  Does it stem from watching The Lost Boys or American Werewolf in London?  I have always liked to watch a good horror film.  I am not really impressed with the gorefests like Saw and the like,  instead I prefer the spooky, supernatural horrors.

Maybe really is it just my escape from reality.

 I have so many programs on series link, there is The Walking Dead (Zombies), The Vampire Diaries (Vamps, Wolves and Witches), The Originals spin off series from Vamp Diaries. (Vamps, wolves and witches),  and of course Trueblood (more vamps, wolves, witches, faeries and shape shifters).

Then there are my films that are locked into the TIVO box, The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Blade, Witches of Eastwick The Shining and Practical Magic.

I know that I am not the only one, but hold my hands up and confess that I would much rather watch a vampire/zombie episode than Eastenders, or Benefit Street is this really so wrong?  Though at times there are some similarities, blood sucking zombie types.

So, come on tell me  what are your television obsessions?  Could it be  Gogglebox or Extreme Couponing, Botched bodies or something else?  Maybe there is some other  fantastic program that I am really missing out on let me know so I can reschedule my viewing time.


Kitchen themes! Going underground

Kitchen Themes – Going Underground

I have been thinking about changing our kitchen and giving it a  Kitchen theme of Going Underground.  We moved in and it was Yellow, so I painted it cream. That’s how it has been since we moved in last summer.

I am not an interior designer but my idea was……. close your eyes and imagine…..

  • Cream or White walls
  • Cream or White tiles glossy metro tiles
  • Red and Blue accessories – tea caddies and stuff
  • Tube station signs
  • Red/White and Blue Kitchen Blind

Simple hey?  Just like this.

Then we went to the @Idealhome Show yesterday and we found a tube map from 1WALL.COM who specialise in murals and door posters.  It seemed a bargain at £15 so we bought it.


The Husband has installed our new mural this morning and I am not sure whether I am liking it.  Maybe it is a bit too much after being a room of creamy blandness for a while.   Maybe once I paint the chairs and table to match in red, white and blue gloss I will get used to it.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it, I do like it but not sure if its just a little bit too busy and that just a few signs would have been a better idea.

On the plus side the boys can learn the tube map and also where and how they would need to travel to get to certain places or visit Uncle Stephen when they are bigger.

The mural was really easy to install being just two pieces of paper to match and align.  Top tip: use a plumb line and a tape measure to get your central line and your good to go.

There are so many murals available from  You could even have a Where’s Wally or One Direction Mural.  Can you image a whole wall of 1D?  Pop over and check them out. Let me know if your tempted 🙂

Davina what an inspiration. Sport Relief.

Davina what an inspiration. Sport Relief.

Oh my word I am a massive Davina fan as I just think that she is amazing, full of energy and a hugely lovable funny lady.  I am watching Davina on BBC 1 and the tears are rolling down my face as she completes her Sport Relief Challenge.

I thought the bike ride was enough but watching the pain and exhaustion whilst she was swimming was enough to make me sob.  I feel like a right prat sat on the sofa with my cup of tea watching her.  Knowing that my biggest challenge is a half marathon in October and What a bloody marvelous lady I just want to wrap her in a blanket and give her a big hug.

And now there is snow!  Oh Davina!

If you have missed Davina’s amazing challenge make sure you take time to catch up.

 Sports Relief Challenges catch up here!

To donate to Sport Relief you can donate £5 or £10 by texting the word FIVE or TEN to 70510 


On line Davina’s donation page


Warwick Castle in pictures

We took a family trip to Warwick Castle with our new Merlin Annual Passes and had an amazing day.  The sun was out and it was warm too this made so much of a change after all this rain we have had. The boys are into their armoury, so the amazing talk by Ben on swords, maces, Continue reading →

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Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2014

I am in and I am in by myself that’s going to make it a bit harder for me but I am a big girl now , or an old lady according to my son (little git).

I have decided I am going to use my Moonwalk in May to train up for the running version in October 🙂 however as yet I am to be surgically removed from the sofa.

In 2012 I did complete the same half marathon in 3 hours 19 minutes so this time I really want to smash that time. 2.5 hours would be amazing but I need to get off the sofa.

What are my stumbling blocks…. mmm let me think, OH ITS ME, just me. I blame the kids, husband, weather but really its me!

I have the ‘shand plan’ so really no excuses except for being completely lazy.

Time for action is near ….. so watch this space.