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My Merlin Passes have arrived – I am super excited

Merlin Passes

My Merlin Annual Passes arrived.  I am superly dooperly excited. I ordered them last week when they were on a promotion.   Which means I have save quite a substantial amount, which is always a bonus.

I went onto the website and for a family that consists of two adults and two children the passes worked out at £624. Last week I got the same tickets for £396, a massive saving.

I purchased the Premium passes which can be used at all of these 31 Top Family Attractions.

Retro drinking

Retro Drinking

I think that I might plan a retro night.  No Cava, Prosecco or rose wine but good old fashioned back in the day drinks.

Drinks menu could be:

Some cocktail cherries and I can feel a hangover brewing xx

The Big Bang Fair 2014


The Big Bang Fair 2014

This year I am trying to make sure that we have some really great weekends with the boys this year and get out and have found out  about The Big Bang Fair of Science and Engineering.

I have just registered for our places for the The Big Bang Fair 2014 the NEC in March.

The Big Bang is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK. Everything  is aimed at showing young people (primarily aged 7-19) just how many exciting and rewarding opportunities there are out there for them with the right experience and qualifications.

My boys both love Mythbusters and more often that not I catch them trying to recreate an experiment or two.  This week was the coke and mentos experiment, replacing the coke with tonic water, bitter lemon or lemonade.

I know that they are going to love the KABOOM exhibition, which even comes with its own warning.

WARNING: This show features a *very* loud jet engine, towering showers of sparks, gunpowder cannons, coloured flame balls, high explosive detonations, and the chance of some singed eyebrows! Yes, KABOOM! isn’t for the faint hearted!

Click here for the list of activities and exhibits. There are so many to choose from.

What a bargain tickets are free but you need to register your interest.  So all you need is your travel expenses, for me that’s petrol and parking.

This is going to be a fabulous surprise day out I am so excited……. 30 days and counting.

Check out the list of Sponsors.

What a Fabulous Friday! Can things get better?

Fabulous Friday

Today didn’t really  get off to the best start.   Traffic was horrendous and I only have to travel a mile to work.  Today I dropped Legs to school, picked up my boss/friend or friend/boss (umm dilema) anyway to cut this waffle short a 2 mile round trip took nearly 40 minutes!

Got to work and things were usual.  The normal Friday conversations started:

  • who is doing the bacon roll run?
  • who is ‘working at home’?
  • where are the others?

Amanda was leaving today and she had made some excellent cakes.   Therefore my breakfast  consisted of carrot cake, followed by victoria sponge.  YUMMMMMM!   Guessing that today was going to be an eating day.

Obviously, as today was leaving day we had to take a lunchtime trip to the pub.  They had Mac n Cheese on the menu, so it had to be done.   To be honest it wasn’t great was more like mac n cheese from a tin or a ready meal.  I like my Mac n Cheese stodgy.

Got back to work to yet more stupid conversations and one silly idiot who had to phone the helpdesk as their computer wouldn’t work.  We had running bets as to the problem as we knew he had unplugged it,  he is so obvious what a Twat.  Apologies but there is no other word to define this bloke.  He just leaves me speechless on a daily basis.

Then excitment started to happen, firstly I had an unusual phone call – you’ll have to watch this space on this one!

Then email from someone wanted to work with me and the Blog.  Whoop whoop really excited about this.

Got home and completed a 2 mile run by myself in 31 minutes so not bad, in the dark and by myself.

I am also up to 950 Twitter followers today (@makemineavodka)

So now I have to wait and not get myself too excited and see what occurs next week.

Now relaxing on sofa and watching Gas Monkey (Fast and Loud) with the boys.  We love Aaron and Richard Rawlins.

Happy Friday All xxx


Tweenager anyone?

A Tweenager or Two

The term tweenager is all new to me. I thought I had made it up, like the word joggage but no I found out it is actually a real word.

Definition:   child of approximately eight to fourteen years of age according to the Collins English dictionary.

Great that means I have a pair of Tweens!  How am I going to cope?

The youngest tween (Legs) is eight.  I would say he is the hardest one to cope with.  Throwing tantrums, shouting and generally being horrid. Legs favourite coping mechanisms seems to be growling, shouting and slamming doors.  Not eating and not sleeping .  Such Fun!

Moe is eleven and actually is very sensitive and caring and in the next breath could be so stroppy and arm swinging in fact much like Harry Enfields ‘Kevin’.   Moe’s talks louder and faster the angrier or excited he gets.

It’s going to be difficult as both  are very spoilt but I need to reign them in before they are bigger than me.  I need the control.

Both boys are fully IT literate, via IPads, IPhones, laptops etc.   Which is great if I want some peace and quiet but my problems come when I unplug them!  Especially the youngest I am sure he thinks he belongs in the Matrix.

So now I have my tweens what am I supposed to do with them?

Slightly disappointed as no handbook came with them so its a sort of trial and error process.  Are both boys going through hormone surges, possibly and they both seem to be getting taller by the day.  But it seems to me that by this time in your child’s lives, health visitors have disappeared and the only source of information is other parents who are going through or have already been through this stage.

I know I was a bitch when I hit about sixteen (maybe I still am)  but I can’t remember before this. Selective memory. I believe this is called.  I know I was horrible to my sisters as they constantly remind me so this must be normal.  One minute the boys want to do things together and the next they can’t stand the sight of each other.

Moe is now at Secondary school which is an all boys school.  My husband finds it slightly odd but there has always been a girls school and a boys school here and I understand that soon (been waiting 7 years so far) there will be a mixed secondary school.  Moe seems to be getting on really well at the School and I believe that their SEN team are working very hard to give Moe the help he needs.  His Christmas report was amazing for a boy with Dyslexia he was hitting or should I actually say smashing his predicted marks already.  Science he was getting a level 5.  I am very proud of him.

What comes next?

They Strop – waving arms, stomping round, slamming doors.

They Irritate – back chatting, bitching, telling tales.

They Smell – oh the Onion Smelling kid smell is enough to turn the hardiest of stomach.  Lanky hair.

Then there are the Girls – I thought this would be a while off but yes already. Mum, I think I have a girlfriend!

So cupboards are stocked with deodorants, shower gel, shampoo.  Hot chocolate and marshmallows for our chats.

I just need a straight jacket and maybe some Valium.

Thank you  for taking your time to read my blog. If  you have any advice on issues or coping strategies for  looking after our tweenage kids as they hit epic  hormone levels please leave your comments below and maybe we can make our own handbook.

Netflix or LoveFilm ?

Netflix or LoveFilm – What’s your preference?

We have been subscribed to LoveFilm for quite a while. We were  enjoying it but just lately we flick through and nothing really grabs our attention.  However, for me there are some great series available The Vikings and I have just found Grey’s Anatomy, not sure where I have been but trying to catch up with a few McDreamy fixes fast.  Season 1 starting from the very beginning as according to Julie Andrews its very good place to start.

We are with Virgin media and I have just found out that we get Netflix free for 6 months.  We have activated our account today  and OH  MY WORD I AM IMPRESSED.   I already have about 300+ hours of programs and films scheduled and that’s just for me, oops.

I am quite looking forward to my next bout of insomnia.  I won’t have to watch hours of extreme couponing and get angry that I can’t do it like they do in the US.

I love the fact that there are so many films and programs to choose from and a dedicated kids section, which is all the boys can see when they log on.

They even have a US TV series section, whoop whoop I love US programs, the darker the better.

Do you have any recommendations to watch on either Lovefilm or Netflix?  Would love to hear your views on either.