My lovely nephew came for his first sleepover at Auntie Lainey’s

Last night was Luca’s first sleep over at ours.

Moe was so excited ‘Luca can sleep in my bed with me’ but Luca already had other ideas.  The plan was to let him sleep in Legs bottom bunk bed. Legs was not best pleased as he didn’t want to share his bedroom.  I think ‘nose out of joint’ was a phrase apt for Legs.

Anyway, after some busy trampolining, dog walking with Uncle Kev and Muffin.  Some macaroni cheese and sausages, a bit of jelly and some telly aka Peppa pig and twittwoos (minions) Luca decided he was tired and the only place he wanted to sleep was Lainey’s bed.  Uncle Tim was relegated to the bottom bunk (she says chuckling).

I was expecting to be up all night and was pleasantly surprised when he decided he wanted to go to bed.  Not a bad night, asleep by 10.30pm in a place he had never slept before without mummy.  Woke once in the night and after a cuddle went back to sleep instantly until 8.30am.

He can come again.



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