2014 Fitness Update – Week 3

This is the 2014 fitness log – week 2

week beginning: 27/1/2014

Weight: 13st 3lb – 2lb weight loss this week

Age: 39 years and 31 weeks

Activity this week:

Wednesday 29th Jan – Session 7 – Warm up walk, followed by 5 minute run, 2 minute walk x 4 reps = 28 minutes

Oh my word a huge ramp up from last Wednesday but I gave it a go.
I was keen to get going as it was chilly.
Rep 1 was ok I was just thinking how was I going to go much further when Julie shouted out 10 seconds to go and I was done. Couldn’t catch my breath for a while but after a walk I was ready to go again.
Rep 2 was a bit harder so I think we slowed it down a bit but got to the end.
Rep 3 felt so much better though twinges under my ribs at the back so Julie suggested I try and suck in the tummy muscles as I was probably tensing as trying to concentrate on my breathing but actually this rep was ok.
Rep 4 felt easy compared to all the others, was this mentally I knew it was the last or it just took me that long to get into my stride.
Suzanne told me that no runner really enjoys the first mile.
2 miles covered and 20 minutes run and 8 minute walk.

Saturday 1st February – Session 8 – Warm up walk, followed by 5 minute run, 2 minute walk x 4 reps = 28 minutes. Well that was the plan.

The sun was out, no rain, bit chilly should have been brilliant. Today I felt like I hit the wall struggling to breath correctly meant that I was struggling even with a 3 minute run. Struggled through 2 reps then gave up and walked the rest of the route home ! Angry angry angry with myself no one else.

Now to sweep that one under the carpet and move along to the next adrenalin fix. Monday night I will be coming for you 24 minutes of running

I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine