The Gadget Show and HIM indoors.

Gadget Show Live 2014

I love watching The Gadget Show and it was back on the gogglebox tonight.  Today I have made the fatal error of putting it on when ‘him indoors’ is in!  Flipping bad move.

Not sure if I have a secret crush on Jason Bradbury or just the amazing technology that they show.  Being a Gadget Show researcher would be my ideal job. I am not bothered about gaming that’s not my cup of tea but other technology such as cameras, phones, tablets, general everyday stuff and the really bizarre tech. I want it all she says sounding just like Verruca Salt.

Anyway, back on track.  I love to watch and tonight I have my own running commentary from Him.  Commenting on costs of cameras, muttering and mmmming and tutting and now they have just said a new version of PS Vita has been released so another reason to mumble randomly and wave arms at the telly.  It is making me more irritated by the minute, I might have to turn it off.

I want to go to the Gadget Show Live 2014 I missed out last year and I am sure I would spend a fortune. **remember to start saving!  You could get your tickets from their website.

2014 Gadget Show Website

Oh no, now I have to sit and listen to him cooing over the competition,  whilst the presenters reel of the prizes (and there are loads). ‘ I like that , oh yeah one of those would be good’  Goodness gracious, someone save me please.

 I have entered  the competition, like I do every time, but never win.  One day I WILL win, one day!

Thank goodness I have TIVO and have recorded it.  I might watch it again another day without the running commentary and critique issued by HIM.

Next I am going to watch The Walking Dead.  Lets see if he watches that 😉 she says with an evil glint in her eye knowing full well he will find something else to do.

My lovely nephew came for his first sleepover at Auntie Lainey’s

Last night was Luca’s first sleep over at ours.

Moe was so excited ‘Luca can sleep in my bed with me’ but Luca already had other ideas.  The plan was to let him sleep in Legs bottom bunk bed. Legs was not best pleased as he didn’t want to share his bedroom.  I think ‘nose out of joint’ was a phrase apt for Legs.

Anyway, after some busy trampolining, dog walking with Uncle Kev and Muffin.  Some macaroni cheese and sausages, a bit of jelly and some telly aka Peppa pig and twittwoos (minions) Luca decided he was tired and the only place he wanted to sleep was Lainey’s bed.  Uncle Tim was relegated to the bottom bunk (she says chuckling).

I was expecting to be up all night and was pleasantly surprised when he decided he wanted to go to bed.  Not a bad night, asleep by 10.30pm in a place he had never slept before without mummy.  Woke once in the night and after a cuddle went back to sleep instantly until 8.30am.

He can come again.



Does he think this will stop me shopping?


So husband has gone to work this morning and left me with this?

Seems that I can’t get out of the back door to even put my washing out! So out of the front door and around the side of the house or move sofa to access the patio doors either way I am getting out in the sunshine whilst we have it.

Friday afternoon and I have hit the wall!

That’s it my motivation has hit the floor. I think I am not in the right frame of mind to be productive this afternoon.

I wonder if I can find some colouring in to do or might just shuffle paper on my desk.

Seems that some people can actually make a living from not doing any work and just shuffling papers. So this afternoon I am going to take a leaf from their books. The internet is going to be severely abused. Then tea and hot cross buns at 3ish. Then to find something else to do. Might even be pushed to do my training modules, at least it will get them out of the way!


Fancy Getting Crafty with Hobbycraft?* Competition Ended

Competition – Fancy Getting Crafty With Hobbycraft*

If you have been reading my blog you may have caught a few glimpses of my crafty up cycling activities. We all love crafting and spend hours in Hobbycraft which is becoming a home from home.  I even love that they do little sessions that you can join in with in the shops too.

Here is a little crafty competition for you.

Tala cooking set

Tala Cooking Set

Why?  I need to learn how to cook and now we now have an allotment I will be learning lots of new recipes this year so maybe if you win this you can share your recipes with me.  Though no pressure, just for fun.


scrapbookFaber Castell Creativity For Kids It’s My Life Scrapbook

I may be getting old and a bit sentimental but I think the years with the boys have flown past so quickly that I am going to challenge the boys to keep a scrapbook to document and record things that happen and things that they remember.


This is going in Leg’s as a reminder that at gone midnight  he still wasn’t asleep and I lost it and shouted at him to go to bed so its blatantly obvious that as a mum I don’t care about him. mmmm really?


How do I enter?   Easy peasey, I love easy just click on this link a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once you have completed the Rafflecopter challenges sit and wait and I’ll let you know who has won after the 7/3/2014

Good Luck x

*prizes were donated by


Bassetts Soft and Chewy – Omega-3 & Vitamins*

Bassetts Soft and Chewy – Omega-3 & Vitamins

I have been struggling with Legs for a while.  He is practically see through with big bags under his eyes, bad temper, skinny, no appetite.  Maybe these are all the usual things that parents worry about.  I did take him to the doctors to see if there was actually anything wrong.

The blood tests all came back as they should be and the doctor advised to make sure that all sweets and junk were cut out of his diet and healthy, healthy diet was to be his only option as he had become a ‘fussy eater’.  I didn’t think that we were that bad but all chocolate, crisps, cake were to be removed from the house.  The husband was not too happy with it as he is the junk food eater in our house.  My boys usually opt for fruit over crisps.

Most vitamins taste vile so I was looking out for something new when I had the opportunity to join the Mumsnet Bassetts Omega-3 Vitamins trial.   These trial vitamins not only contained Omega 3, they also contain vitamins A, C, D and E.  I have two boys so qualified for two packs and opted for the Summer Fruit and Orange and Lemon flavours. The boys have never been keen on taking vitamins and so thought we would give these a trial and see how it went.

Bassetts soft and chewy Omega 3 and vitamins

Bassetts soft and chewy Omega 3 and vitamins

Legs opted for the Orange and Lemon option and Moe wanted the Summer Fruit even though they keep swapping each day.

My only issue is that they do think that they are sweets!  I have had to hide them.  The boys could not taste the usually horrible Omega 3 bitter tastes and said that the Orange ones tasted like orange with extra sugar and the summer fruits tasted of blackcurrant.

I am glad I have found something that they will take and with the Omega-3 and  extra vitamins I think I am on to a winner!   I am hoping that taking these will have a positive effect on Leg’s behaviour  but we will have to wait and see  as  this is not a overnight fix.

Bassetts Vitamins Website.

*Although I have been given these to trial the opinions in this article are entirely my own.

Who knew wearing shoes takes so much effort?

I can’t remember the last time I wore shoes to work. It had been boots for months!

Today, I looked at the boots all a bit knackered and worn and thought I would get one of my million (according to the husband) pairs of shoes out of the cupboard.

Well either my feet have shrunk or I have lost the knack if walking in shoes. Not that they are high shoes either just a small heel. I walked into town at lunch and found myself gripping my shoes with my toes to keep them on my feet. Maybe it’s the tights, maybe I am just special! Who knows?


So this afternoon I can feel a blister or two and cramp so tomorrow will be back to the boots or maybe slippers!

Sunday evenings and yet more rain – Little poem for you.

Realistically Sunday evenings are pants
Again its bloody raining
Ironing to do for school uniforms and work
Never ending cycle of dreariness
Soon will it be summer?
Under no illusion it will arrive
Negativity thrives in the dark, dankness of the rain on a Sunday evening 

The MADS – Its All New To Me

The MADs 2014

During tonights googling adventures I came across the  2014 MAD Blog Awards known as The MADS 2014.

The name MAD’s just grabbed me straight away may be it is  just because I am MAD and mad in so many different ways I can’t even try to explain.

Anyway that MAD’s are The Mum and Dad Blog Awards which is run by

I am not usually one to rate myself on doing anything but I would love to at least be nominated in one category.

Best New Blog

I didn’t even know that the you could win awards for doing what you like to do.  I write my blog just to voice what I think and record things that happen and share things I like.  If I can make it bigger and better that’s where I want to be.  Blogging for me is definitely a learning curve.

I need to pretty up my site but you know that anyway.  I just need some time to teach myself how to do it.

So if you enjoy reading my blog, which I only started in October 2013 then please nominate me.

I would be chuffed to bits with a few nominations but to win that would just be amazing but that might just be pushing it.