Benefit – Benetint

Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics 

This Christmas I was lucky enough to get some Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics from my secret Santa (aka my brother Stephen).

In the lovely tin  was Benetint and it is fantastic.  I am loving the tint as usually in the morning I do look near to death.  I have no colour in my cheeks or lips.  In fact, some days I just look grey!

Lovely Benefit Makeup

Lovely Benefit Makeup 

However, with the Benetint I can now look human.  A lovely natural pink  colour to lips and cheeks.  Benetint is easy to apply with a little brush.   I think Benefit should sort out the taste of the product though.  I would suggest cherry or watermelon flavours.

SAFETY Slow cookers – Word of warning

Slow Cooker Safety Issues.

During the week  I decided to  use the slow cooker  to cook the tea so it is ready for when we come home.   I have done this a few times a week for the last 3 or 4 years. I love my slow cooker it was the best kitchen gadget I own

I like to make Stews, bolognese, joints of meat, whole chicken, you name it I chuck it in the slow cooker.  I LOVE IT.

However, this week I made a nearly fatal error and have had to say goodbye to my slow cooker

This particular day I had decided that I would cook a leg of lamb for tea. I took the slow cooker from the cupboard put it on the side, loaded it with a leg of lamb and herbs.  Switched it on and left the house.

Then just after 3.30pm the following texts arrived :

Sheep is in

Sheep is in

I had just thought that it had just packed up.  It was not until I got home we realised just how dangerous this could have been!

Melted wire

Melted Slow Cooker Wire exposing the copper wiring

It seems that in my hurry to get out of the house the wire had been trapped between the bowl and the heating element.  We were so lucky that the cooker fused itself as the other implications doesn’t really bear thinking about.  Though the thought of Kate or the boys being electrocuted does weigh heavy on my conscience.  Luckily no one was hurt or anything was damaged besides the slow cooker its self.

 This is my warning to all of you Slow Cooker users, make sure you check where the wires are!

Safe cooking and best wishes to you all.

MoonWalk 2014 – My Place is Booked

The 2014 London MoonWalk – Walk the Walk Charity

As part of my new years resolution I decided that there were certain activities that I must do this year, especially as it is my FORTIETH!   Oh my goodness yes it is really! I have said it and it is public.   MoonWalk 2014 is the first event booked and another  challenge is to enter Royal Parks Half Marathon, just waiting for the ballot to open on that one.

So this is the first one booked for this year and  I have encouraged a couple of my cousins to do it with me and I am still working on the rest of them. (GIRLS – Come on it will be fun).  We have decide to do the Half Moon (13.1 miles) and from there we can progress to the Full Moon next year.

So why?  Lots of people I know have been caught by Cancer in the last few years and to be honest you never know, who, when or where it is going to strike next.  There is lots of research always being done but until they can find that all important cure we should not stop.  I do know people who have been very lucky and are in remission but there are also the people that are not so lucky.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what if, I get myself all worked up about what I would tell my boys.  How I would be, if I could be as strong as others I have seen go through the pain, medications and surgeries, lose their hair or worse lose the battle.

As I sit here with my boys in their beds, the thought of what if is enough to make my eyes burn with tears that I know I shouldn’t shed as I have no right to.  I could quite easily have myself sobbing thinking what if, but that is not the way forward!

The MoonWalk London 2014 is the way forward!

I know this is going to be a challenge as well for me as I am a very over emotional person or drama queen as we like to call it.

Besides that, I am excited.  I can’t wait for the buzz of the crowd all there for one purpose to raise awareness and funds for a fabulous cause.  I am not a scientist, I am not a nurse so if the only way I can help is to take part and raise money that is what I will do.

So with all of that in mind this is our Fundraising page so if you have a few pennies spare please sponsor us.

MoonWalk London 2014 Fundraising page for Breast Friends 2014

Thank you for your time and your support.

Elaine x

* * Please note that the image has been supplied by Walk the Walk Worldwide and must be credited Walk the Walk Worldwide.  It is Illegal to use this Logo without the prior approval of Walk the Walk Worldwide.

Time for a sort out of Me!

I have decided I have had enough with my job. Maybe I am having a bit of a mid-life and in a few weeks I will like it again but in the meantime there is no point moaning about it.  I just need to find another outlet that will maximise my potential and earn me buckets of cash – ha ha ha yeah time to wake up and stop dreaming.   It is so difficult, if I was made redundant tomorrow and I had the choice where would I go, what would I do?

If I had buckets of cash and I didn’t have to hold down a full time job I would do volunteer work. If  I didn’t have kids I would be volunteering at orphanages or something similar in Africa.  But I don’t have the case  and can’t leave my kids.

SO back to reality …..ish

If I could I would definitely climb out of the insurance hole that I am in.  No one aspires to be an Insurance broker I am sure but this is where I find myself in the 40th year of my life. When Business interruption is as exciting as it gets you sort of know that’s it.

I am loving blogging I am sure I could write all day, all the random stuff that is rattling round in this head must be worth something to someone.

So, where do I start the process, do I set myself a schedule, a timescale for change to be ‘rolled out’. That seems to be a crappy phrase that is over used in business environments.

OK so we will:  (do you like that I have just included you into my plan!)

  1. Increase my blogging and boost my readers and figures. OK, not sure how to do that so I will just carry on being me, writing about stuff I like, I know about and try and make my blogs helpful to others.
  2. Concentrate on my writing, maybe attempt a child’s book or two I wonder if I can rope in the ‘old man’ to create the illustrations and then self publish
  3. Product reviews – I am very vocal sometimes too vocal but what I like, I usually love and what I don’t well, it just not worth having to put it simply

Right that’s where I am going to start.  3 months and see what happens.  

Clock starts NOW!

School Closure Insurance – it’s really true there is such an Insurance policy

school closed

School Closure Insurance 

Don’t you just hate it when you have to cope with School Closure due to weather and heating?   School Closure Insurance could be just what you need for those extra childcare issues you will face.

With all these floods and predicted snow fall in the next few weeks, I am sure that there are going to be one or two school closures. You know the issues, not enough teachers can get in, the heating packs up, the school is flooded plus any other reason that the school could be closed for more than one day.  Well, if your like me and if the weather is bad you still have to go to work because the work policy says that you must go in or take it off as unpaid, then I am sure this is worth a look.  You can take out an Insurance Policy to help you with costs of losing days of work, finding alternative childcare etc.

Towergate Insurance have a specialised  School Closure Insurance policy which caters for this for the bargain price of  £30 (including insurance tax at 6%) per year.

So what do you get?

A daily benefit  of £100 payable for up to 5 days in respect of any one period of insurance.


How is the policy activated?

The whole school must be closed on the order of the Head Teacher or of the Local Educational Authority.
The school must close for the whole of the normal school day.  There is  no cover during the first 14 days of the Policy’s first Period of Insurance.  Policy will only be activated after the first full closure day.

Must I of experienced a specific financial loss in order to claim?

  • Not at all, your school simply has to have been closed within the criteria set out in the policy wording. You can then claim regardless of how this has affected you.

Can I cover more than one child?

  • The policy covers a single child at a named school. For a parent with more than one school age child, simply click on the ‘add another pupil’ button on the on-line form.

Will I need to prove my out-of-pocket expenses?

  • This isn’t necessary. Any claim pays £100 per day after the first day of your school closing. You do not need to prove any amount above or below this payment.

Which Insurer underwrites this policy?

ACE European Group Limited

What exclusions are applicable to the School closure policy.

  • The whole school must be closed on the order of the head teacher or of the local educational authority.
  • The school must close for the whole of the normal school day. Closures of less than a whole day are not covered.
  • No cover for the first day of each and every school closure event.
  • Daily benefit payable for up to 5 days in respect of any one period of insurance.
  • No cover during the first 14 days of the Policy’s first Period of Insurance (provided that for renewals, there has been no break in the period of cover).
  • You must be permanently resident in England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

** This is not a sponsored post**  I have shared this as I think its fabulous and being a full time working mum this will help if I have to take days off of work due to school closures.


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Review – O2 Priority Moments – I love it

O2 Priority Moments

O2 Priority Moments

I have to share with you the best app I have downloaded in a long while.  The

You have to be an O2 customer to benefit from this app but there are so many benefits you can get by either using the website or by downloading the app.

On Christmas eve we got a Skylanders Giant character from Game for absolutely nothing and today I collected a Richard and Judy Book Club Spring 2014 collection book from W H Smiths for …. yes nothing.  I am loving this freebies and not even crappy freebies and discount codes a plenty.

Some examples of  the benefits listed today on my app are:

Richard and Judy Free Book worth £7.99

Krispy Kreme – free original dozen when you buy any dozen

Competition – 7 night  for 2 in Thailand B&B and flights

handmade burger Co. 2 burgers for £10 = Sunday to Friday

O2 Tracks free music to your phone

Competition – PS4 and Skylanders SWAP force pack

Body Shop – 10% off in-store spend

Yo Sushi  – Free Miso Soup or Green Tea – dine in

o2 – 15% off of up to 4 tickets at The O2

Reading Superstars – Free trial session – Cheerleading, Dance and Stunt

  • XT paintball – 60% off a paintball package
  • Peak XV Fitness – 50% off one months boot camp
  • There are many more too

I would really recommend if you are an O2 Customer that you take a look.  You will be surprised

Lessons from 2013 – What have I learnt from the past year?

Life Lessons from 2013

2013 was not a great year seem to  be on a run of bad years at the moment. Hopefully 2014 will be the year to break this bad spell.  The only thing I can say is when things have been bad you have to learn to live with the fall out and learn from it.  So, what have I learnt?

Possessions are not important.

I have seen too many people loose all their possessions in an instant.  Floods and ill heath have been the main causes for this.  Does it make you any less of a person if you don’t have the biggest and the best of everything?  No, I don’t believe it does! So why strive to do it?  I think that’s why I have adopted the make do and mend attitude.

Plan for your future.

This probably sounds logical but actually how many people in their late 30’s (erm actually nearly 40 – 6 months and counting) have actually planned or even really thought about  care options for if they are sick or even when they reach an age that they have to go into a nursing home.  I hadn’t thought about it at all.  There are so many variables around this option. I could be taken ill tomorrow and have to go into a nursing home and I have witnessed the upset of my nan going into a care home.  I don’t think my family would need the added worry about money and costs  so, this is definitely on the January list of things to do.  Long term care planning!

Toughen up.

I have been far to soft on my kids, letting them run rings around me.  Treating them as mini adults when they are children has created too many problems and is not conducive to a happy household.  They have no respect  for me, my husband or any other adult and they think that they can do as they like.  Today is day one of the year so I have told them that new rules are being implemented these include bed times, limited screen time and also rules in relation to food and drink.  These rules I may go into at a later date.  But now rules are in place and penalties will be applied.  Watch this space.

If you don’t exercise you will get fat! Its a fact and I am living proof.

This last year I had not taken any exercise which I am not proud of.  I kept finding excuses not to do it, I did try but just couldn’t get back the running bug.  This year I am going to get back into it for more than one reason.  Running is cheap, ok there are things which do help such as a decent pair of trainers and a good sports bra but really that’s the basics. Yes, of course you can have the full on fashionable running gear but its not compulsory or necessary.  If you use that excuse its a cop out.  I am refusing to buy new running gear until I have the bug again and I will go out in my paint covered kit.

There is no set time, which means you can’t miss a session.   Morning or evening running it will be for me. 

I am leaving my trainers in the car and walking at lunchtimes, planning two miles in 30 minutes and then going to try and get my run back on at least once a week followed by a Park Run every other week. I will plan on attempting my first park run in February just to give me enough time to get back into the swing as jumping straight into a park run might be a bit foolish and I may well end up hurting myself.

I am very lucky to have people who are good at running offering to come with me to help me get back into the stride so I have no reason not to, do I?


I have definitely learnt that I have been spoilt with my holidays and I have become a holiday snob. 2013 we moved house and didn’t have our two weeks in the sun that we have nearly always had.  My husband was searching the internet last night and suggested Greece but after being to Dubai and USA.  I am not sure I could cope with the toilet roll in a bucket option again I struggle with camping.  Maybe I could cope with a Villa in Spain with its own pool.  I am not even sure if I could cope with an all inclusive hotel with kids clubs.  All those people I would much prefer a nice villa with a shop down the road, a pool that the kids can play in and a beach would be ideal.

So this years plan is a few camping weekends with friends and a nice two week holiday in the sun.  Best get my skates on and find somewhere I like.

I think that will do for now.