2014 fitness update – Week 2

2014 fitness update – week 2

This is the 2014 fitness log – week 2

week beginning: 20/1/2014

Weight: 13st 5lb – no weight loss this week

Age:  39 years and 30 weeks

Activity this week:

Wednesday 22nd Jan – Session 4 – Warm up walk, followed by 3 minute jog, 3 minute walk x 4 reps = 24 minutes

No heckling from work colleagues as they left from work today, thank goodness.

Change of route down through Ladygrove along the yellow brick road. Under Cow Lane Bridge and back up Edinburgh drive, which has now been renamed Hamstring Hill.  

Jesus, this hill was HUGE.  

But I did it, not quite from the bottom of the hill but from about half way up. I didn’t stop and kept going all the way until my 3 minutes were up.  IT WAS HARD!

Crossed over The Broadway and  walked up to Wessex Road and then started on the last lap home which seemed quite easy compared to the hill section!

Though I did get lots of apologies from Julie and Suzanne aka good cop, bad cop.

BUT I did it and it was good.  Its amazing how you feel after you have finished. I still feel a bit of a whimp and that I should be able to do more but the plan ramps up the end of the week!!

Friday 24th Jan – Session 5 – Warm up walk, followed by 3 minute jog, 3 minute walk x 4 reps = 24 minutes

No Julie tonight just Suzanne and I.

After borrowing a loan jacket from Julie we headed out in the drizzle.  It wasn’t to bad it stopped shortly after we left.  We did the same route as Wednesday.

Down to the Ladygrove, across yellow brick road to Cow Lane.  Cross Station Road and UP HAMSTRING HILL!  I think we sped up the said hill faster than Wednesday.  

In my head I was just thinking get to the top and then its just a few steps more and that section would be done. I am sure that it would have been if we were working on distance and not time! Therefore reached further up the Broadway than we did on Wednesday.

Surprised at the image in my head as I hacked up that hill.  A large rope that came from the roundabout at the top and each swing of my arm was a pull up that rope until I reached the top.  I am quite good at visualising or I have a mental imagination!

No stopping us and another run down.

Now its time to ramp it up even more Holy cow.

Plan was to go out on my own on Sunday and do the next run on the Shand Plan which was 4 minute run and 2 minute walk for 4 reps.

Sunday was a FAIL. Hail,Snow and rain so run was abandoned.  Weirdly felt annoyed for not doing it.

Monday night was the night come hell or high water I was there.  It was blinking cold about 3 degrees when I left the house.  No rain, no hail and no wind.  Perfect!

Warm up walk was shortened as it was cold and I wanted to get going.  forgot to set my run-meter off! Set my timer on the iPhone and off I trotted.  Its very hard to pace myself I think this is what I am really struggling with but a Shand Mantra of ‘the slower you go the longer you can go’ kept bouncing round my head.

Timer sounded and realised run-meter wasn’t activated so swore for a bit and set it off whilst doing my 2 minute walk, 2nd rep was so much harder.  Was it harder due to the fact it was cold, it was upped from 3 to 4 minutes or I was by myself?  Possibly just because I wasn’t in the best mood and tired. However, I didn’t stop I kept on going and completed .  When I had completed this stage I suddenly felt more empowered and in control so reps 3 and 4 weren’t quite a breeze but they were more comfortable.

Ramping up again Wednesday so time for a rest.




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